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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bob Gosselin Plea Bargains

So Dave Henderson tells me I am low for discussing the "hearsay" of Bob Gosselin's prostitution arrest. Why wouldn't he fuss, since Gosselin is running the campaigns of all the "Anti-taxers" like Janice Daniels and Mr. Henderson? I can understand how it might make them feel kinda uncomfortable.
But I have to thank Dave. His pushing me has prompted more research. And I learned that although Mr. Gosslein claims it was a case of "mistaken identity," it turns out that his arrest cases were dismissed due to PLEA BARGAINS.

from The Oakland Press:
"Gosselin was twice arrested during the 1990s - once for soliciting an act of prostitution and once for indecent exposure. Both cases were dismissed in plea bargains."

Look, the point is that Mr. Gosselin is the one telling all of these rabid TCU-ers that our city is being run by a bunch of crooks. He points fingers at certain people and claims they are liars and cheats.
My question is, I wonder just how many of the people he slanders day after day actually have an arrest record like he does.

If you live in a glass house, buddy...


  1. You think that's bad? Kwame will be back some day...

  2. Actually I believe that Bob Gosselin was arrested twice for indecent exposure. He was also arrested for felonious assault that was plea bargained down to careless driving...He tried to run over a ticket taker in the parking lot of the Silverdome