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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bob Gosselin Plea Bargains

So Dave Henderson tells me I am low for discussing the "hearsay" of Bob Gosselin's prostitution arrest. Why wouldn't he fuss, since Gosselin is running the campaigns of all the "Anti-taxers" like Janice Daniels and Mr. Henderson? I can understand how it might make them feel kinda uncomfortable.
But I have to thank Dave. His pushing me has prompted more research. And I learned that although Mr. Gosslein claims it was a case of "mistaken identity," it turns out that his arrest cases were dismissed due to PLEA BARGAINS.

from The Oakland Press:
"Gosselin was twice arrested during the 1990s - once for soliciting an act of prostitution and once for indecent exposure. Both cases were dismissed in plea bargains."

Look, the point is that Mr. Gosselin is the one telling all of these rabid TCU-ers that our city is being run by a bunch of crooks. He points fingers at certain people and claims they are liars and cheats.
My question is, I wonder just how many of the people he slanders day after day actually have an arrest record like he does.

If you live in a glass house, buddy...

Friends of the Library Book Shop Re-opens!

For Immediate Release

Contact: Rhonda Hendrickson
                   President –Friends of the Troy Public Library
Friends of the Troy Public Library Book Shop Re-Opening Celebration

Troy, MI: The Friends of the Troy Public Library are excited to announce the Grand Re-Opening of the Friends Book Shop in the library lower level. The Book Shop ceased operations in April due to the impending library closure, but with the passage of the millage in August the Book Shop is back in business.
     The re-opening celebration will be held Thursday September 8 from 4-7pm, Friday September 9 from 10am-1pm and Sunday September 11 from 1-4pm. 
During the re-opening celebration, library visitors will receive discount coupons for the Book Shop.
The Friends will also be holding a drawing to thank library supporters by giving away a NOOK e-reader.  E-readers are a great new way to use the library to access the many e-books available free through TPL. Library users can stop by the Friends Shop in the lobby or the Book Shop to enter.  You must be 16 years old to enter and you need not be present to win. 
     The Troy Public Library is a jewel in the community and the Friends have promoted and supported the library for over 53 years.  FTPL has funded the highly successful Job Seekers programs, children’s summer reading, Special Needs collection and many cultural and educational programs. The Friends provide tens of thousands of volunteer hours to the library and offer a place for students gain necessary community service hours.
     Membership in the Friends is a vital part of supporting the library. Membership for an individual is just $10 and membership information is available in the shops and at the Friends website,  Membership will provide updates on the Friends many activities, ways to help TPL and coupons for the shops.  Join the Friends and continue the great community support for our nationally ranked public library.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bob Gosselin

Rumor has it, yet again, that if Janice Daniels and her cronies win in November, they will fire our city manager and replace him with Bob Gosselin, a politician in Troy, Oakland County and Michigan who wants to decide what you can do in your bedroom, yet takes his sexuality out to the streets, that is, if you believe his arrests for indecent exposure and solicitation of a prostitute.
Knollenberg used information about these arrests to beat Gosselin in the State house.
I just keep wondering, why it hasn't kept Gosselin from being elected to the Board of Commissioners.
Just look at his lame excuses, including that his prostitution arrest was a case of mistaken identity. Um, the female cop arrested him while he was in the act of trying to solicite her. I guess he means, he mistook the cop for a hooker?
Want this man with his hands on our city's money?
This man is running the show for the "tax fighters" -- Daniels, Henderson, et al.
Find this article here

Race for county GOP ticket gets ugly

Oakland Press, The (Pontiac, MI) - Monday, July 24, 2006
Will Molnar is in a tough primary, and he knows it.

The first-term incumbent county commissioner is being challenged in the Aug. 8 Republican primary for his seat by term-limited state Rep. Robert Gosselin . The winner will face Democrat Steve Johnson of Troy in the November election.

The 13th commission district represents portions of northern Troy and southern Rochester Hills, and a bit of Bloomfield Township.Gosselin 's state House district includes Troy and Clawson.

Gosselin , of Troy, opted out of a bruising three-way Republican primary for state Senate to challenge Molnar for his $32,000-a-year county commission seat.

If history is any indication, Molnar, of Rochester Hills, has reason to worry.

Term-limited and former state lawmakers have, so far, pushed aside local incumbents or challengers for their seats in every instance in what is becoming a biennial game of political musical chairs:

In 2002, term-limited state Sen. Bill Bullard spent more than $45,000 to knock off incumbent Republican Commissioner Bill Brian in a district representing Highland, Rose, Springfield and Holly townships.

Also in 2002, former state Rep. Tom Middleton came out of political retirement to win a special election for a vacant county commission seat representing Independence Township, Clarkston and part of Waterford, then defeated the same field of candidates later in the general election that year, spending $27,000.

And, in 2004, term-limited state Rep. Dave Woodward, a Democrat, knocked off the sitting Republican county commission incumbent Pete Webster to claim the Royal Oak county commission seat.

The county commission race promises to be a race with a hard edge to it in the last weeks leading to the primary, with both sides slamming the literature that is circulating.

Molnar acknowledged state lawmakers have an edge in local races.

"I would think so especially since commissioners are no longer issued official stationery," said Molnar, 46, in a swipe at Gosselin. "I couldn't even break the law if I wanted to like he has and use state House stationery for campaign purposes. 

"I view this race, even though I'm the incumbent, as the underdog," Molnar said. "He has a longer length of service in office than I have. I've taken this challenge very, very seriously. All I can do is run on my record. I've put together a solid record on the county commission."

Molnar cited donations from the Detroit Regional Chamber and Michigan Association of Realtors, along with endorsements from two newspapers, county officials and local mayors, as well as his experience as a tax accountant.

"My background is more attuned to the county commission as a CPA with a master's degree in taxation," Molnar said. "The primary role of county commissioner is to approve the budget and approve county spending."

Then there's a piece of literature circulating that speaks of Gosselin 's arrests on accusations of soliciting a prostitute and indecent exposure.

The glossy piece is put out by a group called Friends of Oakland County, a 527 organization named for that section of the tax code that governs nonprofits. By law, it isn't allowed to affiliate with any candidate.

"The specific calls I have received, which consist of about half a dozen, have all been positive," said Jennifer Gasiecki, an attorney representing the group, of the response to the literature about Gosselin 's arrest record. "His opponent is not associated with this organization."

The group has even put the documents on a Web site at

Gosselin , 55, said the glossy literature with the bold print put out by Gasiecki's group is character assassination and inaccurate.

"It's way over the top," said Gosselin , whose reputation as a lawmaker is as a family values ultraconservative, and sometimes a maverick.

"These things didn't happen. I'm not that person this portrays," Gosselin said. "Here you have false accusations that I have to answer to that shouldn't be part of the campaign."

Gosselin said the indecent exposure allegation was a traffic altercation when he was a city councilman, and he pleaded no contest with the understanding it would be dismissed.

He said the solicitation citation was a case of mistaken identity and was dismissed within 48 hours.

Gosselin cites his six years in the state House and experience as a former city councilman, along with endorsements from 42 of his state House colleagues.

He said he's for cutting taxes, less government and a parttime Legislature.

Gosselin , meanwhile, has literature listing statewide organizations, implying their support. But the fine print says the organizations, such as the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, are endorsed by Gosselin , not the other way around. 

"That's dirty campaign practices and I don't appreciate that," Molnar said.

At the county level, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson said he's sticking with incumbent county commissioners in the primary.

"I don't think it's right to inject myself into contested primaries with commissioners I have to work with," Patterson said. "I'm not endorsing Gosselin . I'm going to stay with all the incumbents, it's the politically correct thing to do."

Rich Studley of the Michi gan Chamber of Commerce in Lansing said he's seen the Gosselin literature.

"We did have a campaign brochure faxed to us," Studley said. "Although we have had a good relationship with Bob in his role as state representative, the Michigan Chamber does not make candidate endorsements for local or municipal races."

He said the phenomenon of state lawmakers running for local office may be a consequence of term limits.

"It has been interesting from a Lansing perspective to watch that develop," he said. "Proponents of term limits never imagined one of the consequences is that lawmakers would continue political careers by running for local office."

Josh West of Troy will be on the ballot as a Republican candidate, but he has dropped out of the race.
Section: Local News
Record Number: ab2d1dc4bfd51d97e9a04270c03e3aae32dcd368
Copyright (c) 2006 The Oakland Press

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Janice Daniels - Now and Then

In The Oakland Press article about Daniel's run for mayor, she is quoted as saying:
“I want to be the voice of the people for fiscal transparency, honest and open communications with city management, and I want to work to improve the great family and business community that we have in Troy even in these economic hard times,” Daniels said.
Isn't that nice? Before you buy Janice Daniels's Extreme Makeover attempt, remember that she is not a warm-and-fuzzy, pro-family person. She is an anti-tax zealot ONLY. This is what Janice Daniels wrote in an Oakland Press OpEd on May 22, 2011:

"What about those folks who prefer to keep the hard earned fruits of their labor in their own pocketbooks instead of in the taxman’s coffers or the politico’s war chest — Guilty — Uncaring, unconcerned, uncommitted to the advancement of (you fill in the blank for the issue of the moment: Children, libraries, home values, poor people, old people, safe streets, parks, museums, fairs, Washington insiders). The list of issues that you should be ashamed of yourself for not supporting is as endless as the requests for taxes or retributions or contributions or revenue enhancements or commitments or condemnations."
Because to Janice Daniels, things like "Children, libraries, home values, poor people, old people, safe streets, parks, museums, fairs," are not important. The only thing that is important is her "own pocketbook."
Forget all of my words about Janice Daniels, if you like.
Just be sure you remember HER words.

Janice Daniels' Extreme Makeover

When I first became aware of the politics that were tearing Troy apart, I was smacked in the face by the group TCU -- Troy Citizens United. This was in February of 2010 when they were fighting viciously AGAINST a millage increase that would have preserved Troy as the city that was known and respected throughout the area.
The only reason we had to vote on that millage increase was because the same TCU had pushed through a City Charter Amendment in 2008 that said Troy residents have to make every millage increase decision. And what did that bad policy create? The need for all these millage votes by the people. And who complains about all these votes? TCU, the folks who made it happen (including Mr. Kempen, who is running for city council).
And when I asked a member of TCU why TCU had lied and said that the advisory board I was on had supported a No vote on the millage, the man said, "That's how the game is played." 
Nice folks, eh?
As I began trying to help save the library, I recognized that the single shrillest, most partisan, most divisive and most negative voice in Troy was TCU leader and Troy Area Tea Party founder Janice Daniels. She is someone who gets all of her facts and numbers wrong and doesn't really care. She is an aggressive anti-Democrat, anti-moderate Republican (who wrote that RINOs need to change their ways to be allowed back into the party) and is so ridiculously extreme, that she refuses to allow anyone to describe America or its system "Democratic." 
I remember once talking at city council about the importance of the library to my children. Janice Daniels then made fun of me for "pulling at people's heartstrings" by talking about children and libraries. Apparently she didn't see a connection. She also said people considering moving to Troy didn't care about a library, only about taxes.
Daniels only cares about taxes and thinks that is how everyone else must feel, too. But as a mother of two elementary kids I can tell you taxes pay for stuff like books and education and snow plowing and public safety. Janice Daniels may want to live in a part time town, but I don't.
But here's the rub.
Now that Janice Daniels is running for mayor, she is trying to exorcise all the evil intent she has shown over the past two years. We who know her tricks were fascinated that at the city council meeting following her defeat in trying to close the Troy Public Library, she said it was time for forgiveness. Apparently she meant we should forgive HER. And not only does she expect forgiveness, she expects us to buy into her new makeover. She is no longer the extreme, shrill, anti-moderate Republican politician that she has long claimed to be. No. Now Janice Daniels is a "political newcomer" and an "independent" and apparently, no longer a leader of the local Tea Party.
The Oakland Press says she "is active with Troy Citizens United." 
"Active"? Daniels is a spokesperson of this group that is destroying our city and pitting neighbors against one another. The Oakland Press also did not mention that she is founder of the Troy Area Tea Party. How come? Perhaps because the Tea Party is losing some of its luster?
The Troy Times says she is "a self-described independent." How convenient. When I think of independents, I think of people who believe that both of our major parties are too extreme and thus they come down in the middle. That is NOT Janice Daniels. Daniels is so extreme that she cannot find a party extreme enough, thus she had to join TCU and found the Troy Area Tea Party. 
Read some of our past articles on Janice Daniels, mostly based on her own words in countless goofy Op-Ed pieces she wrote herself. Here's a line from one: "We do not need a full service, 40 hours a week city hall." This woman would put the Troy in des-TROY.
Don't let her do it.
Read more
Janice, You just don't get it
Janice Daniels hypocrisy
Janice Daniels cares about the library, since when?
The Golden Parachute Myth
Another view of Janice Daniel's hypocritical OP piece
To see more just look on Keep Troy Strong's homepage here and scroll down the page to see her name on the right side.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Madame Mayor list of mayoral candidates:

Robin Beltramini

Janice Daniels.

You know how those who write here feel about Daniels and her brand of politics.

How about Beltramini?


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Identifying Political Party Members...or the TCU Playbook on Calling Names

What I've learned through the whole campaign for the library is that political labels mean A WHOLE LOT to some people. In fact, for some...the label is the ONLY thing that matters.

Others individuals are more interested in the issues, facts and details...tres gauche, non?

Based on my research, then, I've attempted to provide you all with a simple list of identifying characteristics for the political parties so that you can properly identify yourself. Please note these characteristics are based on information given to me (spewed at me...) by the Troy Citizens United and their supporters, including Mayoral Hopeful Janice Daniels and Council Member Wannabe Dave Henderson and more...

You might be a Liberal (a.k.a. a Democrat, tax-and-spender or the spawn of Satan) if...

-- you support public libraries
-- you voted yes to raise your own taxes on August 2 to support a public library
-- you are happy to raise your family in a culturally diverse city full of people who make use of a library
-- you recognize that renters pay taxes indirectly through their rent payments and have every bit as much a right to vote as you do
-- you are interested in factual and up-to-date information and financial figures
-- you make decisions based on factual and up-to-date information and financial figures
-- you don't believe that payroll tax and FICA should be called "perks" of a job
-- you call things like your 401K, IRA's and other retirement savings your SAVINGS and not your SLUSH FUND
-- you believe that individuals are due a salary commensurate with their level of experience, education and training
-- you know your millage rate and you recognize that it's lower than other comparable cities surrounding you
-- you know what the DDA is and recognize that YOUR TAX MONEY DOES NOT FUND IT.
-- you have not only actually eaten at might have liked it
-- you like a city to plant flowers and cut the grass on medians and in parks
-- you recognize the talents and intelligence of children under the age of 18
-- you actually CAN use a calculator and DO know how to figure out percentages
-- you know what crap is and are not afraid to call someone out for flinging it
-- you know that when a city receives less revenue, makes cuts and STILL can't provide you with adequate's time to pony up

You might be a Conservative (a.k.a. a Republican, Tea Partier or the only anointed ones with powers to perceive and understand information) if...

-- you would purposely campaign to close a library
-- you tell voters at the polls that if they vote yes to support a library millage, senior citizens in Troy will have to eat cat food because they won't be able to afford real food anymore (true story...overheard by a campaign volunteer as spewed by a NO-sign holding hero)
-- you believe that renters' votes don't count
-- you think the library is used by too many people from other countries who don't look like you
-- you believe that everyone on the city payroll is overpaid
-- you define "overpaid" as meaning "makes more than me"
-- you believe that everyone on the city payroll has "Cadillac benefits"
-- you define "Cadillac benefits" as "better than mine"
-- you believe that because you have had a job loss or loss of income everyone else should suffer to the degree you have or they have not suffered enough
-- you think "regular people" can do all the same jobs as the professionals on the city payroll without the same education, experience and training. For example, throwing one's hair up in a bun and taking some training classes would qualify you to run the library (thank you, Mr. Henderson, that's one of my favorites)
-- you recognize that any child under the age of 18 cannot understand finance, economics or politics
-- you like to "shock and awe" residents with columns of numbers that don't add up, are two years old and are manufactured to produce gasps
-- you believe that the more times you repeat a lie, the more believable it becomes
-- you believe that even though your city's revenue has fallen drastically and they've cut budgets, payroll and positions to a point of being unsustainable...they should still make it work like it always has with less and less

I trust that has helped enlighten you as to the reliability of the TCU and their labeling system. Be sure to identify which candidates campaign like the so-called Conservatives and then cast your vote FOR ANYONE BESIDES THEM...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Who is Janice Daniels?

Oh and do revisit this blog from last December...

Look who is running for mayor

We have saved the library.
And now the person who worked perhaps the hardest of all to guarantee CLOSURE of Troy's library -- Janice Daniels -- is running for mayor. Not city council, mind you, mayor.
Like anyone with delusions of grandeur, our Libertarian leader in Troy doesn't think she should first have some idea about how our city works. First to snatch the microphone at every blasted city council meeting, like a bad singer at Karaoke Night, this kookoo-berry proves how very little she knows about everything.
However, not knowing about or understanding Troy city government has not stopped her from having endless guest opinion pieces in the Oakland Press, like the ones described here or the one here, in which she tells Republicans how they must think.
This is one kooky ideologue. She wants to lay-off the staff and make Troy a part-time city. How good will THAT be for growing much-needed business investment in Troy?
Now that we have saved Troy from the brink of disaster, let's not go back there. We need positive leadership with rational ideas.

Click on Janice Daniels on the right side of our front page to see some of her greatest snits.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

So THAT'S how they sleep at night...

All through the last year or so, I've been wondering how in the world members of the TCU and their supporters can sleep at night, given the lengths to which they will go to convince voters to side with them.

They will lie.
They will cheat.
They will do ANYTHING to avoid paying one penny more to support their fair city.

My eyes have been opened. According to one of their vocal supporters, this is why what they say can be rationalized:

Any error in ones (sic) words that do not change the meaning of an argument should be ignored, and any rebuttal of said argument should not cause a useless tangent argument--by focusing on said error-- but rather should focus on arguing against the primary premise of the argument.

For example, lets say I make the claim that the lions (sic) drafting a power running back in Mark Ingram--they actually drafted Mikel Leshore, who is also a power running back-- will be the step that turns them into a playoff team. Any response to the effect that they didn't draft "Mark Ingram" does nothing to address the premise of the argument: that being that the power running back they drafted will help them make the playoffs.

So...basically, this intellectual is saying that it's ok if you are inaccurate as long as your basic premise is correct.

Let's use that logic.

TCU fudges numbers...uses inaccurate data...sometimes even makes stuff up to say that the city is mismanaged, overspends and over-pays the employees. BUT THAT'S OK! As long as we ignore those little details and the TRUTH and just BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY...everything is great! Who cares if they publish false information? Who cares if they refuse to update their numbers to reflect reality? The city must be mismanaged because they say so, right?


Stay focused. Don't be fooled. TCU pulled out everything they had and lost...they are bound to try something else.

Vote for the candidates who believe in Troy in November. We'll help you figure out who they are, but if anything in their platform resembles TCU?


Monday, August 8, 2011


A few weeks ago, I took Martin Howrylak to task. (Clicky)

In the interest of fairness, you should all know that I had also preceded those statements with a letter to the entire council about the antics that took place at the July 25th council meeting. If you haven't watched the playback, you should. There are few other examples that so epitomize the true character of some of the individuals who have been at play here in Troy during the whole library/millage ordeal.

You can view any past meeting at this city archive. (Click)

I said in my letter, and I quote, "I know you won't correct the record yourself, so I'll be taking care of that in all outlets I have available to me."

Previous to this incident, Mr. Howrylak has never once responded to any e-mail I've sent to him in any way. He has never commented to anything I've said at the council podium, nor has he indicated that he reads here. I had no reason to believe he would respond to my complaint with his error this time, either.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been vindicated. Mr. Howrylak did indeed correct the record tonight during response to public comment. Not only did he reference me by name, but he reiterated my complaint, responded that he had incorrectly chastised me, and apologized for coming off too harshly.

I accept that apology, Mr. Howrylak. Thank you.

And I'm going to leave it at that for tonight...

And in the End...

Nine months of work…hundreds of volunteers…a core group of people who gave up every Saturday plus a few nights a week, too…families who were patient and understanding…vacations that were postponed...job searches put on hold…all of this led to the wonderful victory we enjoyed last week.

We did this…we saved our library.

We are moms and dads, sisters and brothers, children, grandparents.

We are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, conservatives and liberals…but you know what? Party labels don’t matter…we proved that. We took the politics out of our library and told those who seek to only view it through that lens that we’re watching very carefully.

We changed the conversation in Troy. We became a voice for people looking for honestly, integrity, and TRUTH.

We are all of us. We are Troy.

And what is Troy? A top-rated city with top-rated services, schools and safety.

Troy is fiscally responsible.

Troy is a community in which we want to raise our families, and a community to which we want people and businesses to move.

Saving our library was the first step. The work is not done. Now we look toward November and the election of a new council. It is vital that we elect those who will continue to keep Troy the solid city it is and always has been and say no to those who seek only to forward personal political agendas that serve narrow-minded political ideologies. We must continue the conversation we started nine months ago. If you wish to become part of this revolution to Save Troy, please join us by going to and send an e-mail. We’ll be in touch.

Finally, I want to end with thanks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you that came with us on the road to victory. We made people literally around the world stand up and take notice, but more importantly we helped every resident and business of this city by restoring the spirit of Troy.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New library NOT suggested in 2009 - Another lie!

Here's another untruth being spread in Troy by our friends who are trying to fan up the anti-government paranoia. The story goes that Schilling and Szerlag were going to build a brand new library in 2009. 
It was 2007 that this idea was hatched and Szerlag wasn't even city manager then. Also in 2007, no one knew about the recession to come. The reason they use the 2009 date is to claim that Szerlag and Schilling were fiscally irresponsible. But it's not true.
Trust me, in 2009 I was at meetings where Szerlag was saying we were facing an economic crisis and TCU was saying he was lying. He was right. They were wrong.
Then he says Schilling wanted to sell city hall? Also not true. Szerlag said it may come to pass because the building will be too small (oops) LARGE for all the staff cuts they plan to make. Schilling didn't say that at all. That IS fiscally responsible.
The below post telling all these untruths is from "Allen for Troy City Council." I still don't know if that's his first name or his last name. But I am quickly recognizing he knows NOTHING about Troy city government, but that isn't stopping him from making claims about it. 
So Mr. Allen, the city council meeting archives are here - read up!!! 

Allen for Troy Council "Let's not forget that two years ago Mayor Schilling wanted to build a new library to keep up with Rochester Hills, then three months ago she wanted to put City Hall up for sale. The people have to vote in November for the chaos to end and fiscal responsibly to begin." 26 at 11:23am via Facebook Mobile 

Bottom of Form

Saturday, August 6, 2011

This is the world TCU folks seem to want

Many people whined that they didn't want to pay for the library because they don't use it, or worse, their kids used to use it but now they are grown up so, "Go ahead and close it!"
That kind of selfishness can lead to communities where things just don't work any more.
To those who seem to want all pay as you go services, the video below shows what can happen when people get obsessed with every tax penny. 
Is this really what we want?

The damned transit center

Dave Henderson opens a post this way on July 26:
Troy has $ 9.2 million dollars in the 2011 budget for the transit center that even Birmingham has backed out of. $ 9.2 million would keep the library open at the new rate this millage is asking for 3 years, see the complete budget here.
Then when people explain over and over, as we have been since May of 2010, that those federal and state dollars can NOT be used for the library, Dave writes this on August 3:
"I stand corrected, I've been on no less than 4 sites talking about this with some of the posters above, this is more or less a continuous conversatiopn carried out on several fronts. To be clear, the funds are federal funds that can't be reallocated toward a library..." 
Just want to post that now, as I'm guessing he and his friends will continue claiming the transit center money could be allocated elsewhere throughout the election period.
Janice Daniels loves to say we never back up what we say about their numbers being false. You know, when people tell you they see little martians and unicorns, it's kinda hard to disprove it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More brilliance from the anti-library crowd -- hysterical...

...Except the second one is running for Troy City Council - Oy!
When cities move from red to blue, all quality of city life and service declines. The new tax of $70 per year brings the total to $570 per household for the library. Like the post office, this is a service moving to extinction. You can buy a magnitude of amazononlinekindlegoogle for $570 per year and never irritate the eco-liberals for driving your SUV to the library.
Duh... What kind of math is that? It's just not true and it doesn't make sense. Where'd he get the extra $500?
And then our resident scholar DH writes this:
You can't even compare the library to the post office. I wonder how much the losses would amount to if you added up the cost of all libraries nation wide Vs how much revenue they bring in. They are revenue drains. Thinking outside the box, how much would it cost us to supply every home in Troy with a kindle, and start looking for ways to electronically check out books to the public? No bricks and mortar required, the book expires after 14 days, no collection of fines, very few employees etc., the times they are a changing.
Um, what library brings in revenue? Um, libraries let us have books for free. Um, they already give us free ebooks. Um, how are my kids going to study at a Kindle. I have a Kindle, so I actually know that many books, especially older, expensive books (the kind you can only get at a library) are not available. And finally, 1 Kindle for 1 person to use (I have four people in my house) costs $120, nearly double what one year of the library will cost my whole family.

And how would one do research on a Kindle? Dave don't you remember in college when you might need 15 books just to write a... oh, sorry, never mind.

Oh, and he keeps going!

Just for grins I googled library online, and came up with several sites that provide free books, no kindle required. Pretty easy to search by title, author or subject, no Dewey decimal system. All that's required is a wifi connection which you can get sitting in front of any star bucks, panera and these days mcdonalds. It is o.k. To hold onto the past, nostalgia is good, but to quote Henry ford... "if I asked them what they wanted, they'd have told me faster horses". A library is a good thing, but don't kid yourself by thinking it is a solid necessity for the masses.
Brilliant. By the way, those free books? Mostly from the 1800s.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Please vote today and bring all your friends!



Howrylak's latest "October surprise"

When will the people of Troy understand that Martin Howrylak is not the nerdy little boy scout they think he is?
Rather he is an extremist hell-bent on destroying Troy.
I have been watching him for nearly two years and he is not looking out for our best interests. If he were he wouldn't have lied about Proposal 1 last fall, saying in his last-minute letter than we would have to buy a new building and books if it passed. That was a lie. And there were many more.
His current last-minute letter is full of more lies and distortions. 
And now HE is using the word "slush fund" to describe funds that are reserved for use over the next 3 years and kept for emergencies? That is the language of yucky Bob Gosselin.
Why is the idea that we would want to save our library and have dedicated funding to protect it such a disgusting idea to these people? 
Anyway, here are Howrylak's latest lies.


There was a great article in the Oakland Press today. (Clicky)

Most of the comments seem to be from library supporters, a refreshing change from the usual barrage of anti-tax respondents who use the OP as their own personal newspaper to slam anyone who disagrees with them.

It begs the question: why aren't they responding this time? Could it be...just possibly...that it hits a little too close to the TRUTH this time?