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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is race baiting?

Race baiting is promoting an untrue, unfair characterization of a group of people in order to take advantage of other people's racial fears and anxieties for political, economic or personal gain.
So when politicians in Troy say that we should discriminate against "renters" or "foreign nationals" who live in Troy because they don't pay taxes, which isn't true but only said to generate anger toward foreign nationals in Troy, they are trying to play on the anger/discomfort of NON foreign nationals here in order to promote their own political careers and/or agendas.
In other words, if it helps defeat the library millage to say that foreigners shouldn't get to use the library, or should have to pay extra to save "the rest of us" money, that is race baiting.
Pretty cynical that.


  1. Thank you for a definition. I was close, it is does have a bad connotation associated to it. Blame others for what is wrong in the world. Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler did that.

  2. Seriously? This received two disagree clicks? They must have been clicked by individuals not wearing their glasses or had fat fingers.