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Saturday, July 9, 2011

What are "non-US permanent residents"?

OK, so why did I blow up at the suggestion in a TCU-fan questionnaire that there should be a library usage tax for "non-US permanent residents"?
Let's get this straight, folks.
People from other countries who live here are usually LEGAL aliens. That means they may not be citizens, but they pay all their taxes, have a job and may even OWN their own home.
How do I know that?
I lived in Japan from age 26-30. 
Did I pay U.S. taxes when I lived in Japan? No. 
I paid Japanese taxes, and thus had all the rights of a Japanese taxpayer to use government resources (such as libraries and FREE healthcare). I could not vote, though.
Just so those of you who think you have all the answers know, the foreign nationals who live in Troy pay taxes. They pay local, state and federal taxes. They use the library because they PAY for it.
Do they get to vote for the library millage or the mayor's office or the city council or the president? No. 
That is called taxation without representation.
So when the dim bulbs toy with the race-baiting idea that we will charge these tax-payers (they'll use euphemisms like "apartment dwellers" or "renters" or some such) EXTRA to use the library, which they have already been taxed for yet can't VOTE to SAVE...
I DO get a little pissy.
Many of my children's friends' parents come from other countries. My CHILDREN came from other countries, you morons! My husband's grandparents came from other countries. My great grand parents came from other countries.
I know foreign nationals in Troy who OWN their own homes here. They are from India, Germany, Japan and Mexico. 
Give me a little credit, Dave. 
I'm no yokel ideologue, OK?
I been around.


  1. See I think maybe it's just your tone... I get it. I'm just not as sensitive to the specific scenario that this brings up. I'm surrounded in my neighborhood by you name a nationality. The thing is they were in my neighborhood before I was. I intentionally moved here understanding full well the mix and quality of life I would have as a result. I wouldn't do it any other way than Troy. What set me off was the broad accusation of being a race baiter when I simply said nothing to the post that set you off. How unfair is that? Shoot the messenger o.k., but you nuked the place without regard for collateral damage because you made assumptions. That door swings two ways. Maybe have ellen read this and soften the edges a bit, she can be a uniter at times ...

  2. "People from other countries who live here are usually LEGAL aliens"..

    I still have issues with this. Call it 'race baiting' if you want. I know plenty of highly competent US CITIZENS who have been 'job displaced' by this group (primarily because of the wonderful H1-B visa thing.. Thanks Spencer Abraham). The 'LEGAL' non US permanent residents want to have all the advantages of being a citizen without becoming citizens (and going back 'home' for a month each year, and still keeping their jobs...). I have no soft spot for that, whatever you want to label me.

  3. I'm amused that someone has a problem with my tone, when TCU leaders and followers alike march up in a frickin' parade at each city council meeting whipping up paranois that the people who work at and for the city are a bunch of greedy criminals.
    You don't like my tone? I don't like yours. And I despise what you people have done to this city.
    Just my humble opinion :-)

  4. Dave, I guess I know more about this issue. Perhaps I know that you are stumbling into a pre-existing race-baiting issue and you don't?
    I have grown weary of the term "renters" being a euphemism for "foreigners." People in my neighborhood refer to my US-born neighbors as foreigners even though only the mom is not a citizen--she's Canadian. But they don't have the right skin tone or religion for Troy.
    Sorry you are so naive.
    I know another Canadian down the street. No one calls her a foreigner. Maybe it's that she has blonde hair and goes to a Catholic church?
    But if you don't want to carry the water for the race baiters while you run for office, I suggest you look a little deeper into the issue.
    Judging by what you say, you wouldn't be interested in representing at least 35% of our population here in Troy.
    And if you knuckleheads think that millionaire apartment owners don't pass the taxes on, you are REALLY naive.
    At least consider this--just because people have accents doesn't mean they don't OWN HOUSES HERE.
    They pay taxes, Dave, and they don't get to vote, so what you say is total BS.
    You just don't understand it. Why?
    More convenient do what you're doing -- play to fears and paranoia to get political support.
    Sorry, that's sick to me.