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Saturday, July 9, 2011

TCU Plan to Save the Library

The Dave Henderson/TCU plan to save the library is as follows:

  1. Vote NO on the library millage on Aug 2
  2. Let the library close on Aug 5
  3. Support TCU candidates running for mayor and city council, including Dave Henderson
  4. Elect them to office in November
  5. Wait for them to fund the library, by taxing tax-paying Troy residents who happen to be from other countries.
And how are they going to do it? They are going to fire everyone, and put an extra tax on tax-paying foreign nationals and an extra tax on people from other cities whose towns have lending agreements with our library.
What? The anti-tax extremists want to tax people TWICE? What people? Oh, those people.

A fan of Dave Henderson posted this from Henderson's site:

"Cross-posted from the Dave Henderson for City Council FB group - same questions for any potential council/mayor candidates: 

Will you support any or all of the following initiatives (this is a non-exhaustive list):

1) Should the library millage pass, compensate its effects by an immediate reduction in the local tax rate by 0.7 mill.
2) Fire the top leadership of the City of Troy
3) Fire the city lawyer
4) Repeal the 'distracted driving ordinance'
5) Institute a library usage tax for all non-Troy and non-US permanent residents"

Vote YES on Aug 2.
Vote NO for anti-government, race-baiting extremists who want to take over Troy.


  1. Grow up... Where did the "from other countries" thing come from? Glad no one reads this drivle.

  2. Its labelled race baiting why? Perhaps because of the tax on foreign nationals suggestion? HEY they are not citizens. Let them step up and become citizens and that issue would be off the table!

  3. Oh, I get it, tax them because they can't vote. Now isn't that what the tea party was really about - taxation without representation It wasn't about a bunch of whiny cry-babies who have not done well in life because of their own personal choices, won't accept responsibility for their own lack of success and want to hold others back by eliminating a library. If you really can't afford $50-$60, then you are exactly the kind of person who needs a library. Let's not pick on the wonderful people from around the world who have chosen to live in Troy, pay taxes here, buy houses here. Is TCU trying to drive everyone out of this city? What is their end objective? Do they ever say, or are they just into sound bites that desperate people are willing to grasp on to?

  4. Alright you win on the race thing but this was an innocent oops. I didnt read the non us resident thing as what you did. I read it simply as people that don't pay taxes in Troy. If what was meant was excluding renters in Troy, they pay taxes vicariously through their landlords being a realtor I obviously understand that. This is a case of being a little naive in issues of race, not having been involved in any controversial issues ever in my past. Your interpretation of what ct wrote was far different than mine, and Ellen h and I dissected this a bit ago and see how this could have been misconstrued. Sorry and thanks, repairs have been made to my personal website. I don't respond to certain things on the tcu site because I don't have the edit delete button there. That is a free for all as we know.

  5. Dave, I appreciate it. If you could see my family portrait, you might get it. I have lived this.
    I'll post an explanation.
    But here's my problem, still.
    I argue what you say -- you argue who you think I am. Let's work that out.

  6. Oh now you post something I write... Ha ha you crack me up

  7. We can get there... I am simply fighting for what I believe. You did draw first nasty blood by calling me stupid and asking that I move from Troy. That's not a great way to continue civil dialogue with someone. I live in a very diverse neighborhood. I don't see race, and got very confused how that one got twisted and it ticked me off badly. Ellen and I have been emailing for the last hour and when we both sort of stumbled on what we thought you saw we had one of those doh!!! moments. honestly Christian I have met with before, and so has Ellen. He speaks English well, but I noticed he transposed meanings on a couple occasions during our talk. He could honestly have meant something very innocent there. I see how that looks if literally read... I simply didn't read it that way.

  8. Oh and you're a grown up that writes anything but drivel :0)

  9. And not that I'm dwelling on this but I pointed Ellen to my facebook page where this was originally posted with my responses if you'd like to put accurate information about what I really plan, because none of what is posted above is near accurate.

  10. NOW renters are taxpayers? Interesting how that tune changes when we aren't trying to convince folks that more "yes" votes come from apartment complexes by folks who "don't have a horse in the race."

    Your words, Mr. H.

  11. Not that I think this will get published, but for the sake of the argument... A tenant receives the same city benefits as his/her landlord as an extension of the lease agreement they sign. My point to Ms. H who this was directed at was simply that a tenant that votes for a tax increase is not directly affected by voting for higher taxes in the city they rent, and have certain protections by the lease. A yes vote by a tenant directly and immediately affects the P & L structure of their landlord and the landlord can do nothing about it... except potentially raise the rent when the agreement is up. That is less than the perfect situation for the landlord. In a tax battle, the landlord should have the vote on whether or not he/she wishes to have their taxes raised for services.

  12. Levy a tax on non-resident users?? One of the advantages of having a library in your community is that you have reciprocal privileges at other communities libraries. So,If what I'm looking for isn't in the Troy Collection, I can go to Warren or Sterling Heights, or anywhere in our cooperative and check out books and use their resources. Having reciprocal privileges increases the size of our library immensely!! Get real and realize that there IS NO EXCESS OF MONEY Troy, and the deficits we have cannot be made up by nickel and diming "non-residents". Vote Yes on August 2.

  13. The truth is, that TCU folks are not really sophisticated enough to handle all the claims they make. It's easier to make up scary, fear-mongering nonsense than to actually try to understand these details.
    If you want shallow, lazy thinkers to run Troy into the ground, vote TCU indeed.
    OK, Dave, yeah, I guess I attack more than what you say. But I guess here I am categorizing the depth of your understanding, which is also extremely relevant to someone who thinks he knows what is good for me.