Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Still Unclear

We keep hearing from uninformed residents that they KNOW the library is valuable, but until the city manages what it has...they won't vote yes to save it. So given that, I ask you: what MORE can the city do???

They've let workers go, cut the costs of all remaining employees and departments, gotten rid of some departments nearly completely and privatized others, and encouraged highly-paid, pre-1997 employees to retire in order to save money.

Oh, and they did all of this on the LOWEST TAX RATE of any full-service city in the state.

Oh, oh...and they did this as property tax revenue declined for the FIFTH STRAIGHT year...marking five of the six times IN TROY'S HISTORY that has happened.

Still need more explanation of how hard our city has been working to cut costs? Check out these quick facts below. Since even before the February 2010 millage request and right through today, the city has enacted the following cuts:

Reduced its workforce by more than 150 full-time employees -- those are folks like you and me who lost their jobs, some of them Troy residents. Some of them probably your neighbor...

Obtained a 10% total cost concession (not just salary bases) from the remaining employees.

Privatized six departments (two totally and four partially) .

Reduced the proposed budget to less than it was 10 years ago -- even though the CPI (consumer price index) has increased 27% in that same time period! Right...costs go UP, and Troy's expenses went DOWN.

Offered a COST NEUTRAL early retirement package to qualified employees; about 30+ individuals are expected to participate, leaving only 20% of the workforce “grandfathered in” on defined benefit retirement plans that were phased out in 1997. That means that if it was going to cost the city MORE to let someone retired...they CAN'T.

Once again...for those who don't get it...TROY HAS A REVENUE PROBLEM...not an expenditure problem.



  1. VOTE TO CLOSE TROY LIBRARY AUG 2nd! BOOK BURNING PARTY AUG 5th! facebook.com/bookburningparty

  2. John, you're an idiot. That may be satire, but it sure isn't very funny.