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Monday, July 25, 2011

Spread the Word

Last week, Save Troy ran a very successful “moneybomb” event in which they capitalized on social media to raise money for the campaign to SAVE TROY LIBRARY.

This week, let’s help them run an “infobomb” campaign.

What’s that?

Well, it’s the same premise as the moneybomb…simply SPREAD THE WORD as quickly and as far as you can about the REALITY of the situation in Troy right now.

How can you do that?

Same way as the moneybomb…use e-mail, Facebook, Twitter…the phone. Point people to the following resources so that they can educate themselves with real facts, not manufactured fiction.!/pages/Save-Troy/167985783265124

Tell everyone you know who lives, works or shops in Troy.

Tell every Troy voter.


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