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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Spaghetti Test

You've heard of an acid test, right? It's what people apply to a situation to make sure it's reasonable, feasible, workable...just plain old worth pursuing.

It occurs to me today that the Troy Citizens United and their minions like to use what I call the spaghetti test. You know what I when some people like to test the done-ness (is that even a WORD?) of their noodles when they cook them by throwing them against the wall. If they stick, they're done. If they don't, they need to cook longer. You're probably wondering what that has to do with the TCU, right?

Here's how it's defined for them:

When they make an outrageous and false or misleading statement, they throw it out THERE, you know...on the wall of society.

-- if it sticks, it becomes reality. They repeat it over and over in word and in print, and they start to believe it.

-- if someone is listening well enough, it won't stick. They get called out on their nonsense. So they have to 'cook' the statement a bit more. That means they have to reframe it by changing the details, math or context to shock and confuse the listener back into believing it.

--if that doesn't work, they go to their standard fallback: blame the accuser of attacking them for supporting smaller government and fiscal responsibility. You know...toss some buzz words out at the wall and see if THOSE will stick.

You should know that as a fully competent Sicilian cook, I've never thrown a noodle at the wall to see if it was cooked. (Who would DO that? Not only does it waste the noodle, but then you have to clean your own wall!)

I don't believe in applying that test to my words or beliefs, either. Neither should you.

Nor should you trust anyone who would.

Over the next two weeks, I am quite certain that the TCU will be cooking a LOT of noodles. Those noodles won't be done...they shouldn't stick to anything. Don't believe a word that comes out of their mouths. Their track record has shown that their ONLY interest in Troy politics is to keep the city from being able to generate revenue to sustain our core services and quality of life amenities.

We need to take the TCU politics out of the library decision. Knowing how to vote on August 2 should be as easy as cooking noodles...if you ignore the tempest in the spaghetti pot.

Apply the REAL test by asking yourself this very simple question: DO YOU WANT A LIBRARY IN TROY OR NOT?

If you do...YOU MUST VOTE YES. A no vote closes the library on August 5.


  1. "We need to take the TCU politics out of the library decision".. written by a person who appears for an interview on the radio with a self proclaimed political liberal... Yea, let's take the politics out Sue.

  2. I will talk on any radio show to discuss the issue.

    Politics has nothing to do with it. Exposure to the cause is the goal.

    Weak argument there, Anon.

  3. "Weak argument there, Anon.".. if you say it, it must be true I suppose.

  4. Yes, Anon. Please do find us a conservative talk show host who will invite someone on who is interested in saving a library, even if it costs (horrors) 7 bucks a month.