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Friday, July 1, 2011

More details about Troy salaries...

From the smart folks at TRUST...

  • The salary figures being circulated/mailed to households [from Troy Citizens United] are based on 2009 salaries BEFORE employees concessions/pay cuts of 10%.
  • The figures being circulated include EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE COST of an employee, including payroll tax, employer paid portions of FICA, etc., and all benefits WHETHER THEY ARE PAID OUT OR NOT. Public sector accounting REQUIRES that cities include those figures in the budget in case it must all be paid out in a particular fiscal year. TROY HAS NEVER PAID OUT EVERY SINGLE EXPENSE FOR EVERY EMPLOYEE. If not paid, the funds roll over into next year's budget.
  • The figures being circulated also portray an employee being paid the high point for that position. Troy is not paying ANY EMPLOYEE AT THAT HIGHEST LEVEL...most employees are at or BELOW the mid-point for their salary range.
  • Qualified, knowledgeable and experienced City of Troy employees are leaving the city in great numbers now because our budget cuts have put us SO FAR BELOW local market levels for similar positions that they are finding better employment elsewhere. This is also hampering recruiting to fill those positions when vacated.
  • Employee salaries and benefit packages are set by the market. Troy is, again, at or BELOW the current market for public sector. Public sector jobs often require FAR MORE education, experience and certification than what residents view as similar work in private sector.
And for those who will click on "disagree," I find it amazing how you like to "disagree" with FACTS. Sounds like TCU to me.


  1. I suspect employees are also leaving the city in droves because they are so harassed in their offices and at city council meetings by people who fancy themselves experts on city issues but actually have no idea what they are talking about.
    Yet these yutzes come and spew disproven nonsense over and over and over and over.
    No salary is worth being abused this way. It's just another way that these anti-taxers are destroying Troy.

  2. The Nov. 22, 2010, City Council archived agenda clearly shows that the numbers TCU quoted are "POTENTIAL TOTALS" of payouts that are never fully realized for every employee listed...and they are OUTDATED numbers from 2009. TCU lied...again.