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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is this race-baiting? You betcha!

How would you label this reaction from anti-millage land?
I still have issues with this. Call it 'race baiting' if you want. I know plenty of highly competent US CITIZENS who have been 'job displaced' by this group (primarily because of the wonderful H1-B visa thing.. Thanks Spencer Abraham). The 'LEGAL' non US permanent residents want to have all the advantages of being a citizen without becoming citizens (and going back 'home' for a month each year, and still keeping their jobs...). I have no soft spot for that, whatever you want to label me.By Anonymous on What are "non-US permanent residents"? on 7/11/11
So we are to be angry at fellow taxpayers because of their visa classification and charge them extra to use the library they've already paid for?
Why, because we are to hate them? (this is fear-mongering, since you don't seem to recognize what it is you are doing -- also very effective)
When Americans live overseas, as my father did for 17 years, they also get home stays for a month. 
And they pay taxes in the other countries and get to use the libraries.
Would it surprise you to know most of these people holding green cards want to become citizens but that is VERY HARD?
Maybe you should learn a little about this before writing about it.
And to answer your question: Is it race-baiting to say since "this group" (who????) benefit from this immigration program, and THEREFORE it's OK to imply "this group" is somehow to blame for Troy's troubles and deserves to be CHEATED?
You bet your ass it is.


  1. The h1-B visa is not an 'immigration program', most h1-B holders have no intention of immigrating to the US regardless of how hard it is. The H1-B program is a license to work in the US program that steals jobs from real US citizens. It is far from an 'immigration program'.

  2. Um, so you're not against all the foreigners in Troy, only some? Are all "renters" h1-B visa holders?
    Maybe if you could more specifically describe exactly who it is you despise, so we are clear?
    I know people from lots of different countries, maybe you can help me understand the ones deserving of being double taxed?
    Jeepers, if only I knew exactly who I'm supposed to hate...

  3. By the way (follow up to above) If you look at some of the job listings that might appear recently in places like Monster, or Dice, some of the companies are SPECIFICALLY STATING "No sponsorship, or H1-B applicants". is that 'race baiting'?

  4. Nope, it's not, I guess, because some companies don't do that and that's fine.
    But to say people should be touble taxed because of their visa, that is.

  5. BYW, I recently got a full-time job and start soon.
    And I wasn't even discriminated against because I'm white and blonde and a citizen.

  6. The auto companies were 'smart' on this years ago. Instead of hiring the foreign nationals, they just shipped the whole process out of the country.. to places like Mexico. Ask some of the union loyalists how they felt (or feel) about that... are they race baiters?

  7. Where specifically did the poster state that someone should be 'double taxed'? I must have missed that. Perhaps like some others that post here deny ever saying 'stupid' specifically.

  8. Look at the first Race-baiting post.
    This was in response to my saying the foreign nationals in Troy already pay taxes in Troy and shouldn't be double taxed. This was his response, basically -- I don't like why they are here so screw 'em.

  9. Like some chicken-**** posters want to engage in arguments with me free from having to use their own names?
    Yeah, there are all types a problems here.

  10. "Ask some of the union loyalists how they felt (or feel) about that... are they race baiters?"
    Nope. They hate the US corporations who screwed over their own people, instead of hating the poor slobs in other countries who got their old jobs for 1/10th the pay. At least I assume so.
    Look it up at the library, pal...

  11. Why not hate the corporations who give those visas, rather than the people who get them? I think that's the whole bloody point, anon247.
    Thanks for pointing it out.

  12. I am the first to admit I am not an expert on exactly what race baiting means. I am assuming it is not a positive connotation. However, what I do know and I do know this very, very well. We have many friends and family members that have in the past and in the present work for a American, let me say that again AMERICAN company in other, FOREIGN countries. So, most likely for every one job here there is another job somewhere else. Balance. It is in the end an opportunity to realize we are all the same on the earth, not just Americans or Germans or Australians or Chinese or Japanese. Cut the skin, we all have the same type of the very few types of blood we humans share. Oh, by the way a lot of this can be learned if you read and try to see you are not the only one on the earth. You would not survive. None of us would.

  13. Take a trip over to Dave Henderson For Troy City Council. After reading his postings I'm not surprised he posts to this website anonymously. Dave wants to outsource Troy's police department. Dave wants to deplete our emergency reserve and put Troy into the hands of a emergency financial manager. Dave wants to charge up to $5 to park at the library and other city owned properties. Dave has a million ideas, all of them stupid. Dave doesn't know the specifics about anything, but is willing to state his uninformed opinion on everything. Vote Dave Henderson in November if you want to send the city down the crapper!

  14. Dave is a legend in his own mind. In fact, I hear he's so into his own merits that they just changed the standard measurements for hats.

    Now they're titled small, medium, large and Henderson.

    Ba-dum dum.

  15. Nope wasn't me... I tell you when I post here, but go ahead and slander at will.


  16. Sorry Dave. How's a person to know when I've got who knows how many people going after me in one debate...
    No way to know.
    I'll take your word for it.

  17. Slander? Kinda like when you guys say Szerlag makes more than the governor which is a big, fat honking lie?

  18. Your own words are weapon enough against you, Dave. No slander necessary.