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Saturday, July 16, 2011

If You Don't Want the Answer...

...don't ask the question.

We have yet ANOTHER TCU-platform candidate for council. He has asked numerous times for voters to "make their voices heard" so he can address our concerns.

What he means is "say what I want to hear, and we'll pat each other on the back."

He doesn't want to say if he's against depleting fund balance.

He won't say if he support the millage.

He doesn't recognize the deep cuts already made by upper management and every employee group in the city.

No...recognizing any of that...taking a stand...answering questions from potential voters doesn't mean as much as glad-handing those who already agree with him.

You will not get my vote, sir. And when you have officially declared and turned in proper paperwork, I will actively steer voters away from you until you behave like someone who deserves consideration.

Until then...keep acting like a politician.

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