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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Howrylak's budget option? Too little waaaay too late

In the upcoming weeks, cynical politicians in Troy will tell you over and over and over again that Councilman Howrylak had a great plan to save the library and those damned liberals on the council wouldn't.even.take.a.look!!!
What they won't tell you is that Mr. Howrylak's brilliant plan was presented to Mr. Fleming, and likely to leaders of TCU before the rest of council, mere hours before city council was to vote on the final version of a budget they had been working on for months.
That is Howrylak's fiscal responsibility?
This young man has repeatedly attempted to stall the business of the council with his nonsensical drama. We always find out what it all meant a little while later.
So now we know that his "alternative budget" was just put out there so TCU folk could claim he had the answer and no one would listen to the poor boy.
No. But they are adults and they are too responsible to vote on a budget for the city that has not been seriously and properly vetted.
Ridiculous crap.

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