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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hats in the Ring

We're getting to that very exciting time of an election cycle where hopefuls are throwing their hats in the ring to run for office.

In the City of Troy, that means some individuals are getting petitions ready to make a run for council. They've spent literally months and years complaining about supposed abuses, mismanagement, waste and subterfuge.

And like every boastful Monday morning quarterback, they are filled with hubris and hot air.

I especially love how those telling me that they can balance the city budget better than our well-educated, trained, experienced and lauded city manager are the same ones who told me all they had to do to become a library director or librarian was to throw their hair in a bun and take a few training classes.

Oh, the folly of ignorance.

Reminds me of presidential candidates. They will say ANYTHING on the campaign trail...promise us the stars and the moon and all the planets in between. Come January 21, though, an interesting phenomenon occurs. Suddenly, all those hot-button issues that got that man elected seem to fizzle away.

I have always wanted to be in the room that first sober morning he wakes up as president. I want to see the look of abject shock on his face when they bring in that first briefing know, where they show him all the secret stuff that explains why the heck it is that things are the way they are.

That always shuts them up for a while.

Can't wait for that this November. I actually hope some of these puffed up prima donnas GET elected to city council on that "be careful what you ask just might get it" level.

'Cause you know what?

They'll deserve every stinking minute of it.


  1. Step up and run yourself then... At least some of the puffed up prima donnas are willing to donate 4 years of their life to invoke change knowing how much grief and aggravation they are likely to experience. Ever hear the adage put up or shut up? Let's have it...

  2. The fact is that I do put up...every day. I reach more listeners and voters in one blog post than someone with little experience or knowledge trying to run a city of this size.