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Friday, July 22, 2011

Face For Radio

Every time I speak at council, I pray I don't suffer from Cindy Brady stage-fright induced catatonia. You see, as you speak...your face is projected right in front of you on the jumbotron so that the viewing audience is privy to the sweat of your upper lip and the trembling of your hands at the podium.

Talking on the phone to someone is much easier.

On a related note, when staffing a community table at the Troy Democratic Club's annual summer picnic, we had the chance to meet a local radio talk show host -- Tony Trupiano from 1310 WDTW, Detroit's Progressive Talk Radio. He invited us to come on his show to share what is REALLY happening in Troy with our revenues, services, and...MOST IMPORTANTLY...our library.

No phone! Win, win...I could talk about the issue from the comfort of my home in my usual early morning state -- wild hair, 15 year old gym shorts and even older t-shirts with coffee stains from the mug I end up waving wildly while talking on the phone.

Tony gets it. He doesn't live in Troy, never has...but it doesn't take a genius to look into the cess pool of Troy politics to see what is happening.

For those of you just tuning in, here it is again...

Over three years ago, our city manager projected this exact perfect storm of financial distress because of the following factors:

-- drastically decreased revenue from falling property values
-- revenue STEALING by the state -- they've cut our share of revenue by 40%
-- ill-informed political influence by the TCU and tea party sentiment that is sweeping not only our city, but the entire country. They are the ones responsible for the cap on our millage rate that forces the council to put any increase to a vote.

In other words, Troy can't keeping doing more for less. We're getting LESS FOR LESS...and we desperately need more.

Tony let me share that. Take a listen by clicking here. Pass it on to any Troy voter...spread the word.

Troy has a REVENUE problem, not a problem with expenditures, mismanagement, or any of the other things TCU claims.



  1. nice interview - hard to "speak for tcu", but they need the library to close so that their candidates can restore it by magic after being elected and use that as focus of campaign. Same as promise last year to vote no on Prop 1 since they had a "better" plan

  2. So who is Tony Trupiano?

    "His work on behalf of Progressive and Democratic causes is well known "

    "In 2006, Tony ran as the Democratic Candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District "

    "Tony is best known as the flame throwing Progressive radio show host who has literally taken his show inside the Democratic National Convention, and has boldly aired his show live as part of Union picket lines"

    Nice that Sue could get some airplay with an unbiased resource.

  3. So who is Bob Gosselin, that man with a prediliction for the ladies of the evening, a Republican former state house member and current Republican County COmmissioner who runs TCU from behind the scenes. Sue was on radio with one... Y'all take marching orders from the other. Hmmm... Hypocrite much?

  4. Sharon: So, following your line of thinking, two wrongs DO make a right. Sue is the one that trumpets 'taking politics out of the equation', while at the same time aligning herself with a self proclaimed liberal Democratic supporter. Hmm. Hypocrite much?
    And my personal opinion of Bob Gosselin, not very impressed, and I dont take marching orders from him.

  5. Anonymous person who won't back up blather with your identity~
    She appeared on a radio show. She didn't allign with anyone. We have to shout pretty loud to be heard above the lies and sick nonsense being pulled by your apparent idols.
    Sue ain't even a liberal, buddy boy/girl.
    Just proves you can be conservative with out being a knee-jerk, anti-tax hysteric.