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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Do Your Homework

Quite often, I hear parental complaints about how Little Junior's school has this rule and that rule and ISN'T THAT HORRIBLE of them?

I often think that if Little Junior were following the rules, there wouldn't be anything to worry his pretty little head over.

Checking facts in Troy's political issues is pretty much the same idea.

If the suggestion that you might want to check the information you are handing down as gospel from on high makes you angry...there just might be something wrong with your information.

If you are hearing information that sounds too outrageous, too incredible, too much like over-spending and mismanagement of your tax dollars to be true...IT PROBABLY ISN'T.

We've uncovered COUNTLESS pieces of information being handed out by the TCU that are PURPOSELY EXAGGERATED, WRONG OR JUST PLAIN FABRICATED.

Fact-check what you hear from TCU...from TRUST...from SAVE TROY...from the City of Troy.

And if THAT suggestion angers you...the problem just might not lie with me. The problem might be YOU.


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