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Friday, July 15, 2011

Dave Henderson just doesn't get it...

Dave Henderson writes about the millage:
I thought this was going to raise $ 3.1 million a year for the library which now operates at $ 2.5 million a year. Again, the numbers never add up.
If he knew how city government and millages work, Dave would understand that the 0.7 mills was desgined to raise $2.6 million per year ON  AVERAGE because that's all a millage can do... it's a percentage of the current year property values and those who selected this number based it on projected property value declines. 
This number was very properly chosen, but Dave doesn't know that because he doesn't pay attention to the business of the City of Troy. 
Is he not listening or he simply cannot understand? Who knows....
More from Dave:
We need an additional $ 700,000 why? Because it's a little bit lower than a .9885 which was asked for a few months ago, which was a little lower than the 1.9 asked for in February 2020.
Wrong. Refer to answer above, Dave, you might learn something. Plus the 1.9 mills they asked for in Feb of 2010 wasn't just for the library, as you should know. Instead of making crap up, why don't you ask the person who offered this number? But I bet you don't know who did, do you? Because you GUESS rather than LEARN. Oh yes, you'd make a great council person, indeed (that's sarcasm, by the way).
Vote no, and watch for a .5 mil increase in November.
Wrong again, Davey-Lou. 0.7 is as low as they can go. That's the reason they voted to close the library in the first place. The budget fell three years in a row until it was projected to be too little money to keep a library open. But you don't know that because you have only learned Troy city information from TCU propaganda. That's a shame. 
But don't worry, if the millage is defeated by you, then you'll have your much dreamed for  closed library. No skin off your nose, I bet. But my kids sure like using it.
Dave goes on:
That's how it works folks. Instead of being honest with us, they have the dart board mentality. What they're working on now is finding out how low they need to go to get us all to vote yes. Horrible examples of budgeters and managers of YOUR money.
I have written about this before, so you probably got this idea from me--except you didn't understand it. The idea I offered was that we library lovers have heard what you anti-tax extremists have demanded. Howrylak said Prop 1 was no good because it was independent and too high. We who loved the library dug deep and accepted the idea of the library limping along at current level. Yes, as negotiators they said, "OK, Little Martin, we'll do it your way." Yet the boy king still says no.
Dave Lambert said the millage should be for a shorter term and a lower rate. And when he heard the election would be for 0.7 mills for five years, he acted like an HONEST broker and supported the millage.  
So, grow up, Dave. You don't want higher taxes, period, even though we have the lowest tax millage rate around. This has nothing to do with a library.
You, Dave Henderson, are a one-issue political hack who will destroy my kids' hometown.
Vote YES on the library millage.
Vote NO for anti-tax extremists.


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  2. There should be some sort of entrance exam related to a public elected office a person should take in order to be allowed to run for office, especially at the local level. An aptitude test certainly would weed out the individuals that are incapable of understanding basic municipality math. Throw in a portion on ethics, grammar, history and humanities. Call it the PAT for Political Aptitude Test. I know many would fail and maybe if it was made a little more difficult to get the position, then, maybe it would draw a different type of individual to the flame. My how that would cause a raucous with the Constitutionists!

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  5. Dave Henderson AGAIN today: "See, bare minimum is where we are at today according to the city, and they're asking for 700k more than we are at now, so who's fast and loose with the facts? It's a moving target..."

    No matter how many times this simple thing is explained, Henderson chooses to purposefully ignore reality and spread misinformation.

    The only conclusion anyone could come up with for why he does not understand how this millage works is that he is either purposely misleading people or he’s not capable of processing this.

    It's an average over five years.

    It will not capture 3.1mill every year.

    The library needs 2.7 mill to fund the mid-level/nearly bare minimum library we have now.

    Over five years, .7 mills will allow us to fund it at that level.

    Any overage collected the first year or two will be held "in escrow" to fund future years of REVENUE SHORTFALL.

    WHY CAN'T YOU GET THIS? You say you are a product of Troy Schools. My kids haven't even finished yet high school yet, and THEY get it. What more can we do to explain this to you so you can stop misleading everyone???

    Seriously...tell me how to help you. I will.

  6. Sue,

    You question whether Henderson "is either purposely misleading people or he’s not capable of processing this." I think it's a combination. The fact that he can't process much of what's going on makes it easier to mislead people.

    I particularly liked his comment about reducing the millage once he is elected. So much for knowing the political process.

  7. A couple things... if the aptitutude test mentioned above were in place... our current council would be missing this mayor and at least three other members. Second, as for my comments about reducing the millage, you must not have read the entire post about that or you've selected to only clip the portion that fits your political needs at this moment. It was evasive intentionally. 1) we don't know that this is going to pass, so why bother answering it directly at this stage. 2) we aren't sure if Mary Kerwins 1.0 mil increase is going to gain traction if she feels emboldened by a passed library millage. 3) if no other fiscally conservative council candidates run, there is little one fiscally conservative council member will be able to do to reverse anything we've been spoon fed over the lst 2 years. That's why I actually said, I'll wait and see.


  8. Fascinating, Dave. We respond to the untrue things you say that prove you don't really know what you are talking about and then you respond by blathering about a bunch of unrelated nonsense. You really ARE a politician.

  9. Dave said, "you must not have read the entire post about that or you've selected to only clip the portion that fits your political needs at this moment."

    Of course, Dave Henderson is himself guilty of providing "selective facts" in his online posts. For example, in suggesting that "things might not be as bad as the picture being painted by city management," Dave cited his own property tax evaluation for 2011. Specifically, Henderson stated that his "SEV rose over $ 2000.00 this year." Now, that's actually true. The State Equalized Value of Dave's home did increase from $143,830 in 2010 to $146,270 in 2011, a rise of 1.7%. But what Dave conveniently omits is that the SEV on his home has actually decreased over the past six years, from $205,900 in 2006 to the present $146,270, a decline of 29%. All that decline has lowered Dave's property taxes from $6,846 in 2006 to $5,133 in 2010, for an annual savings of over $1,700!

    But the rise and fall in value of a single property simply isn't indicative of the overall revenue decline faced by the city, county, and schools. For 2011, the average property value in Troy will decrease by a whopping 7.5% from 2010. And that's just one year of decrease! So while Dave is one of the rare properties experiencing an increase in value, most everyone is experiencing a decrease. Due to the differences between SEV and taxable values, that means that the City of Troy will collect about 11% less in property taxes in 2011 then it did in 2010. Of course, that's not taking into account the revenue reductions from previous years or the likely reductions in the years to come.

    So Dave, things really are as bad as suggested by city management. This shortfall in tax revenue is why the library is no longer open on Saturdays and faces imminent closure. This shortfall is why snow isn't being plowed as well as it was in the past. This shortfall is why city employees have been let go or had their pay reduced. This shortfall is why the grass along the major roads is no longer cut by the city. I could go on, but I trust that you, or at least most rational people, understand the seriousness of the situation.