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Friday, July 29, 2011

Chatty Cathy

from Linda
Many of us remember the Chatty Cathy Doll.  She would say certain phrases when you pulled her string.  These phrases included, “Tell Me a Story,” “Where Are We Going,” “I Hurt Myself,” and many more.  After hearing these phrases repeated day after day,  without inflection or meaning, many mothers around the country wanted to permanently pull the doll’s string.

This reminds me of the situation we have today in our community.  Troy Citizens United keeps repeating their canned phrases, “manufactured crises,” “tax and spend,” “more compensation than the Governor.”  Again, phrases without any validity or judiciousness.  We hear it in their speeches,
advertisements; any time the Troy library millage comes up.  They did, however, borrow a phrase from the doll, “Let Me Tell You a Story,!”

The idea is, if you hear it enough, you will believe it.  I am tired of hearing the same rhetoric again and again and having to explain to people where to find the truth.

There was a recent show that talked about the mob mentality in our society.  This is where the public hears things over and over again and sees the publicity that the mob that is leading it is getting and they end up following that mob.  An example was given of the fascination with the Casey Anthony trial taking center stage over the true issues facing our country.  People got caught up in the drama and overlooked what was important in the world and key to their futures.
The show went on to say some feel there is comfort in a mob.  They feel they belong.  But ask yourself; what is it you believe?

The host questioned, do you have honor and courage to stand up for what you believe? Do you want to have conviction?  To do so, you must:
Educate yourself
Question everything
Repeat #1

With that in mind, are you a Troy citizen who acts with honesty and integrity and makes informed choices.  A citizen who is fiscally responsible, by looking at the big picture, not just the mantra of “no new taxes,” but the impact on your property values and the community as a whole.

You can quiet the Chatty Cathys and their meaningless chants by showing them what is important to you, what you believe in.  Not meaningless, unfounded rhetoric.  Not spinning the numbers to suit your position, but doing your diligence and finding the facts.  Stand up for your community.  Pull that string and make it your words this time.  Vote YES on August 2nd.  

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  1. I have a Chatty Cathy doll that the string broke and went back in. Is there anywhere on line that I could here the phrases that she said. My grand daughter is fascinated in her and she is in pretty good shape with the exception of her string ring snapping off and went back in the mechanism. I have tried to find online the sound of her sweet little voice recorded to show my grand daughter.
    Any ideas?