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Friday, July 8, 2011

Book burning?

Sue is away and I have been working on deadline.
And while we cats were away, the wee mice came out to play.
There's a Facebook page calling for people to vote down the library millage and then come to a book burning party.
I'm assuming it's satire, but it certainly is not funny to me.
Let's hope ALL the wackos lose on August 2nd and the library millage wins and our books and materials are safe and sound for the next five years.


  1. I did see a sign on the corner of Coolidge and 14 Mile today that said: "Book Burning Party - vote NO on Aug. 2" So I don't know how satirical it's supposed to be. They probably know they won't be able to actually burn the books, but they are definitely anti-library and I find it completely offensive.

  2. Uh, we are not the only family that sees signs promoting this hair-brained, advertising scheme, are we? They are white signs with red lettering and all so far have been planted right next to the curbed cement and the grass line of various intersections and strait-aways. Avoiding the ordinance laws, if my measuring stick is correct. My first reaction was to want to remove them. Then, my level headed, loving husband said "Why remove them? They can only show people how ignorant the no proponents are and what they believe in. Can't hurt us, can only help us." I still say they are ignorant. The signs and the no people littering and loitering.

  3. Sorry to break it to you. It is a Troy company that is pro library millage trying to ignite the base. It's sort of a publicity deal. In fact I was told yesterday by someone in the know, to look in the marshmallow aisle at the grocery stores in Troy... Marshmallows are great for book burning signs as well. I blistered the guy from Detroit that decidedly interjected himself into Troy politics personally. He thought it was a little cuter than I did I'm afraid.

  4. The signs are put together by a group who have indicated that they are in favor of the Aug 2 millage increase. Reverse psychology at work.

  5. FYI... its a Troy company behind this with a pro tax agenda. I have the county document filing to show for it. I spoke with the treasurer Friday and he and I couldn't be further apart ideologically. And he knows at this point how dispiccable both sides of this tax battle think he is. Come to the meeting tonight, I'll show you the docs.

  6. So what am I supposed to do, Dave? You know who it is and I don't. That must mean YOU are involved.
    I'm not, man.
    I just criticize the message.
    Last year "your side" was talking about selling the books, which isn't much different.
    Janice Daniels sudden revelation that she gives a sh*t about children and libraries is brand new for this election cycle.
    Last year the library was a big stinkin' joke to her.