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Friday, July 1, 2011

Big fat TCU lie #475,098

TCU keeps telling Troy residents that our City Manager makes more than the Governor.
That's not true either, TCU. But I'm not surprised.
These are unethical people.
Here is a list of actual Troy salaries (Column 1) compared to what TCU claims to be salaries (column 2). Bit of a discrepancy there, huh?
Not only are those NOT salaries, they include POTENTIAL payouts (such as disability insurance) that COULD be paid out but rarely are.
They tell people these things to TRICK them into voting against the library, and satisfy their odd need to bring Troy to its knees.
Save Troy. Save our Library.
Vote YES on August 2nd.


  1. And please don't elect any of the people involved in these fiascos. They are the ones ruining our city. Don't give them any control.

  2. The Nov. 22, 2010, City Council archived agenda clearly shows that the numbers TCU quoted are "POTENTIAL TOTALS" of payouts that are never fully realized for every employee listed...and they are OUTDATED numbers from 2009. TCU lied...again.