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Friday, July 1, 2011

Would you believe the word of a proven liar?

The anti-tax extremists at TCU are at it again. 
Make no mistake. They will do ANYTHING unethical if they believe the ends (turning Troy into a cheap, low-tax dump) justify their means. 
Case in point -- their current letter to Troy businesses opens by claiming the city of Troy has put forward "5 proposals" to save the library in the past. 
  • The City offered 1 proposal to save the whole city, including the library (Feb. 2010), 
  • The Citizens to Save TPL put forward 1 proposal to form an independent library (Nov. 2010) 
  • And TCU wrote 3 proposals to save the library!!! They put 3 fake proposals on the ballot in November and now say the city did? 

Seriously, TCU's disgraceful behavior knows no bounds.
Why would you even bother reading the rest of the letter when they start with a complete lie?

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  1. I've seen some support, but I've seen TCU in action too. Here's hoping for the best.