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Friday, July 29, 2011

And you don't have to be defined by TCU crackpots

One of the shames of this millage campaign is that the TCU folks who keep disinforming the public with inaccurate information are also pointing fingers at everyone and labelling them politically.
They say anyone who plans to vote YES for the library is a "tax and spend" liberal. They attack city council members for putting political signs on their front lawns, as if they don't have the right to do that. 
And when Republicans in Troy stand up and say they are WRONG, TCU people label them RINOs, or Republicans in Name Only.
Can someone just explain to me why these people need to see everything through political party lenses? I mean, are they incapable of getting along with anyone they don't agree with?
And why do THEY think they get to decide how Republicans should vote. TCU, maybe YOU are RINOs. Maybe YOU are wrong. Maybe YOU are the wacko extremists.
I'm thinking that's the most likely answer.

Samples of the Yuckiness?
Babs writes: "Troy Trivia time: Which side of the tax hike debate keeps advocating the concept of "shared sacrifice" (Obama's current favorite term) which roughly translated means: "I know how to better use your money than you do"? Give up? It's the "YES" side! Because, even though the "tax-and-spend" liberals on city council have shown they are not responsible with the money they have, they want more of ours for revenue (i.e: taxes). Three strikes they're OUT! November's coming! ;o)"

Maybe we have kids and want a library and maybe we're not all "liberals"

Babs: "Hey, I think I saw some of the "YES" (for a tax hike) group's new lawn signs. Pretty slick! Blue and white like the NO signs. Pathetic. Wonder who paid for those? Or maybe I should ask "which union"... ;o) Just so you all understand, TCU is supported by individuals - Troy residents and business owners. Professional people who are sick and tired of this junk, volunteer their valuable time to do the research, maintain a web site, post the information they uncover, and participate in panels - all because the liberals at City Hall con't get it through their heads that we ARE NOT THIER A.T.M.!."
"Oh and Rick - maybe you, Lori, Sue Martin, Mary Kerwin, the Troy Democratic tax-and-spender club members, et al. would like to pay my and other rational NO voters share of the city-created and run "calculation" page figures. If this pases, please forward me the names and addresses of the other YES voters you know so we can send you all our tax increase bills"


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  1. Too much of watching and listening of the wrong wing, err, right wing, media stations. The quotes read like regurgitated sound bites.