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Sunday, July 24, 2011

And Right on Time...

Just as I said below...TCU is reframing their message...trying to toss that noodle out there on the proverbial wall of Troy.

In their own frantic, desperate (and misspelled) words:
When you think of this library tax issue on August 2nd, think of the lottery ruse. You were told that the lottery would fund schools, but just as the City of Troy is saying this new tax will fund the library, they are taking the money they used to spend on the library and spending it on expensive consultants, command buses, transist (sic) centers to nowhere and Golden Parachute early retirements for top employees.
Let's break this down, shall we?

1. The money they used to spend on the library...DOESN'T EXIST. It's gone...out of the budget, and that budget is now SMALLER than it was. That's what happens when you spend less because you HAVE just eliminate line items.

2. The money for consultants who haven't been hired yet...HASN'T BEEN SPENT. But if it were to be spent, it would be because the city would be using contract employment vs. direct hires. Why?? IT COSTS LESS to hire a consultant than it does to hire a full-time employee for whom they'd have to provide benefits.

3. Command buses...ummm...hmmm...I don't know what that is. Do you? Need to look into that one...

4. Transit center...DOESN'T EXIST YET...the city has spent about $300K on that, and the rest of the proposed budget for it was re-absorbed into the fund from which it came. The rest of the proposed spending was GRANT MONEY...not out of our pockets. "Transit Center" is just a buzz word TCU likes to toss out there because it raises the ire of anyone ignorant of the facts. We call that a red herring...

5. Oh, yes, let's not forget those other red herrings with which TCU loves to stir the pot..."golden parachutes" and "Cadillac benefits." Spare me...I've already shown you all how Golden Parachutes don't exist in Troy and never have. And those benefits? Phased out since 1997. Again, the rantings of desperate, bitter and jealous people who have nothing new to say.

They have to create this false sense of mismanagement in Troy...this manufactured crisis.

They have to do it so they can tell you that we don't need more revenue. But we know they're wrong...after all, wouldn't our streets have been plowed if there were money paving the hallways of City Hall? Wouldn't 150 people still have jobs in the sidewalks of the Civic Center were gold-plated?


It's all a facade...a trick...political wrangling by an ideological group trying to fleece the residents of Troy. Did you know that Troy is actually one of three cities in the entire STATE to obtain and maintain a Standard and Poor's AAA bond rating?

Did you know that Troy also maintains a AAA rating from the other TWO rating services?

Friends, that could not happen if Troy were mismanaged.

Say no to politics as usual...SAY YES TO THE LIBRARY ON AUGUST 2.

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