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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why ask why???

How can you tell a political operative from a concerned citizen?

A political operative will ask question to which they already KNOW the answer. They ask NOT because they don't know...they ask to plant a seed of doubt. If they can make you think the city is somehow doing something wrong, they can win your vote.

A concerned citizen will seek out information. When they don't know the answer to a question, they find it and SHARE IT.

I could list a bunch of examples...share the rational answers. But's tiring. It takes ten times as many words to answer the inane questions Troy Citizens United asks.

So I guess I'll just ask some questions myself:

Why does Troy Citizens United want to destroy Troy???

What could they possibly gain in forcing a continued decrease of our property values by starving our revenue stream???

Why does Martin Howrylak leak information to Troy Citizens United before he shares it with the rest of the city council???

There is no answer to any of those questions that makes any sense.

There is, however, something we can all do that DOES make sense.

Support the August millage...SAVE TROY.

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