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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tick, tock...

There are six weeks left until the vote.

It's very clear there is a groundswell of support not only for our library, but for our city to return to solvency and service. Don't be fooled by what appears to be relative silence here, either...we're working hard behind the scenes in support of this issue, and we're making HUGE strides.

We're also being SWAMPED with help...questions about how MORE folks can help. It's pretty simple:

-- go to and donate and/or send an e-mail for whatever category suits you.
-- fill out an absentee voter form if you need one, and VOTE YES to save the library.
-- write the school board and ask them to endorse the ballot issue for the library. After all, why wouldn't they? This issue transcends politics, and it is in the best interest of EVERY SINGLE CHILD in our school system. (Thank them for all their efforts to preserve our educational program, too, while you're at it...)
-- write the six city council members who voted to put the issue on the ballot for August 2nd. (No need to bother Mr. Howrylak; he's still out looking for a NEW calculator to make up NEW inaccurate budgets to try to convince anyone that the money is really there to fund a library...)

Most of all? Share with anyone who lives, works, shops or has any business whatsoever in Troy that the REAL problem here is a REVENUE problem, not an expenditure problem. Even the person of the very littlest brain can see that when you take in less money, you are going to get less in service.

Asking for more service on less revenue is going to get you...well...what we have now: a broken city.

Vote yes on August 2...tell everyone you know to do the same...follow the suggestions above...and SAVE TROY.

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