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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The School Board, on the other hand...

Last night, our Troy School Board achieved something our city council cannot do.

They achieved something THEY wouldn't do in November for Proposal 1.

Last night, they came together as a unified body and gave support for the August 2 library millage.

Last night, they took a stand, putting aside personal feelings and beliefs, so they could support the GREATER GOOD of this city.

Last night, they did what Martin Howrylak is incapable of doing...they acted with integrity, courage and conviction.

Thank you, Troy School Board. Thank you for supporting our children, our schools, our library, and our city.


  1. Yes, thank you School Board, better late than never, as the saying goes. You could also say good things come to those who wait. Our children, present and future, schools, library and city are as inter-connected as threads in a spider web. They are strong, resilient, integrated and effective but only when they are held together for the "GREATER GOOD" of the whole. If one strand breaks down, the remaining ones wither and fail.

  2. Did Paula Fleming vote for the resolution? It's interesting because her husband, Councilman Wade Fleming, has been dead set against any new taxes.