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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not on My Watch

When our girls were husband was often far more willing to allow me to be the one to do anything new for the first time. First bath...first bottle...first food tastings.

I used to kid him that the reason was because if some terrible reaction or accident happened, it wouldn't by by HIS HAND. It would be mine. He could then remain cleared on all charges of negligence.

It was a cute joke between a father and a mother.

Martin Howrylak works for our city the same way. It's not cute at all. It's cowardly.

Anytime some sensitive issue comes up in a resolution, you can count on Martin to disagree with it. He'll offer up any number of reasons why, enumerating them in long, stammering monologues punctuated with disdain for the resolution, his council members and anyone else that has any support for the issue.

He'll offer suggestions for how it SHOULD have been worded and how it SHOULD have been presented and what it SHOULD have asked for. Sometimes, those changes are then agreed to and made by the rest of the council.

And then comes the vote.

Every single time I've seen this happen in the last 6-8 months, Martin Howrylak will then vote down the very resolution he recrafted and changed to meet the picayune demands that he claimed would make these acceptable to him.

It's exceedingly clear he enjoys the grandstanding this process allows.

But what is even more clear is that Martin Howrylak is a coward. He is afraid to let his name go down in support of ANYTHING that might later have any sort of negative impact or repercussion with anyone. And when one is afraid to stand for anything...well, you know the trite saying.

No. Nothing will happen under Martin Howrylak's watch...NOTHING that will help save our city from further decline in property values, reputation and sustainability.

SAY YES IN AUGUST to Save Troy...and if you see Martin Howrylak's name on a ballot in November?

Just say no...NOT ON MY WATCH.


  1. And why is this? Because these people have no interest in anything but playing, du-du-DAAA! Super Tax Cutters!
    If the city crumbles to bits, they don't care.
    That is the definition of ideologue:"A blindly partisan advocate or adherent of a particular ideology."
    City be damned....

  2. He behaves like a little child - in so many ways. A child who is enabled by TCU to continue his long, drawn out temper tantrum.

  3. quote from anon #1: "He behaves like a little child - in so many ways"..

    You are so convinced of your position that you cant post under your real name?... Anon #2.

  4. Actually the folks that disagree with mh don't understand what's going on behind the scenes. What this council presents to the public for the most part is ridiculous, but will be given a free pass by council, Martin single handedly is looking out for our best interests, and interjecting his input to at a minimum remove the most ridiculous language. Its as much as one man against 6 can hope for in Troy these days. Just because he's able to change some verbiage, doesn't make a bad program worthy of a yes vote.


  5. But Dave -- offering a resolution hours before the last-ditch vote on the resolution on the table? How could that be anything but showmanship?