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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Little Too Ironic

I'm having a hard time writing this without laughing...which is actually a good thing. Most of the time that I write about this topic, I'm FUMING and banging away at the keyboard. But today?

Merry mirth abounds ( that redundant? matter...that's how amusing I find this...).

A few days ago, a local resident and founding member of Troy Citizens United (TCU) wrote yet another op-ed piece in the Oakland Press about the ethics in politics. Or rather...about those who don't use any. Here are some highlights:

"I can’t help but believe that just because you can use these types of hard-line, old-school political tactics does not mean that you should use these types of tactics."

Hear, hear! So from now on, I'll expect her to make sure that no spurious ballot measures go on a ballot to daze and confuse voters.

I'll expect her to advise Martin Howrylak against sending any last-minute letters to trick voters on issues.

I'll expect her to spurn any last-minute NEW AND IMPROVED budgets that Howrylak presents to the TCU BEFORE he presents them to his fellow council members on the very night they are to approve the SANCTIONED budget, and then to quote those numbers herself as though they are correct.

I'll expect her to renounce misleading political advertisements, letters and signs.

I'll expect her to stop eroding the trust of the residents in their city and council by refusing to spread misleading disinformation from the council podium and the local media.

"It is well known that even today many of the citizenry are so busy with their day to day lives that they don’t take the time to evaluate the information."

Ah...these words are most amusing...AND TELLING. We've known all along that the TCU counts on this very thing We've known all along that they craft their message on this very foundation. THEY ARE COUNTING ON VOTERS NOT TAKING TIME TO EVALUATE...and they've won because of it.

BUT THE GREATEST IRONY??? They've told everyone who would listen for months on end that OF COURSE the voters know what they need to know. NO ONE was ever tricked by their tactics! Very few people are confused by their numbers. They had to say that to save face...because the alternative confirms what we already knew: they lie, they cheat, they play political games.

And now that someone else is controlling the message, TCU is running scared. Suddenly, everyone else is playing games...playing on the weak sensibilities of the ignorant electorate. Oh, it's just too rich.

"When our political players resort to using bad card tricks to win in politics just because they can, we end up with bad policies and a losing hand every time."

Well, I have to say...I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with you there, Ms. TCU. So here's an idea: why don't YOU and your MERRY BAND OF MISCHIEF MAKERS STOP playing games and let the people of Troy have a fair vote from here on out?

Why don't you stop trying to change the city charter to forward your political agenda versus trying to work for the good of ALL the residents?

Why don't YOU stop playing games?

Say no to politics as usual...SAVE TROY.


  1. I was very heartened to see the YES signs already going up along Crooks in front of the restaurants. Good job!

  2. Boy have I been out of the loop. Just saw this today. This woman is shameless. Absolutely shameless. I think George Orwell understood her kind well.