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Monday, June 20, 2011

Janice Daniels - Open letter

This election, Janice, will you vow not to cheat?
We are watching...


  1. Ohhh, scared of YOU!

  2. If only you were and that would stop you from your city-destroying shenanigans.
    You are never going to sell your place if you keep destroying the city.

  3. not scared one cannot use one's own name?

  4. This is a very honest, direct question. Will it receive an honest, direct answer? The whole of Troy would like it to be one of the honest kind!

  5. "You are never going to sell your place if you keep destroying the city"

    I dont plan on selling.

  6. That's probably because with people like Janice trying to ruin our city, you couldn't sell even if you wanted to. I have heard so many people say they won't buy in Troy because there are people who don't want a library, but not one has said they want to move here because we have "tax fighters" or whatever you guys think you are. All of us will have trouble selling when the time comes because the TCU and Tea Party have dragged us thru the mud. So you guys may save us a couple of tax dollars, but cost us thousands in resale. Brilliant, just brilliant.