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Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Impressions

A very successful local Troy property owner was recently sharing his impression of the City of Troy. Now, you should know that this gentleman runs a tight ship. His properties are PRISTINE...well-manicured, impeccably maintained, fully landscaped and decorated for the winter holidays.

Oh...and occupied at over 80% capacity IN TODAY'S ECONOMY. That's no coincidence; his tenants appreciate the time, effort and money he puts into maintaining his investment.

So he was sharing what he thought visitors to our city must think when the come off the exit of I-75 at the City Hall complex. If you've been there recently, you've seen what I have -- tall grass, weedy landscape beds, and a distinct absence of annual flowers. In the Big Beaver medians, there is also a noticeable lack of colorful annual plantings that we've previously had.

He asked, "What successful company is going to choose to showcase their business in a city like Troy when Troy can't even showcase ITSELF?"

You see, we might think that a small budget item like annual landscaping and flower planting is wasteful. We might think it's a little thing we can do without in the long run. But we would be WRONG to think that. In fact, it's the LONG RUN for which it matters most.

First impressions make for LASTING impressions.

Take the last three rounds of mailings from the Troy Citizens United. The TCU prides themselves on being educated professionals, leaders in their industries, and proud citizens of our city. But looking at their mailings, one would think grade school children wrote and illustrated them. Typos, grammar errors, numbers that don't add up, incorrect mathematical equations...

Why good people would donate their hard-earned dollars to this kind of thing is actually sad. That the TCU is proud of this effort? That they sent it to every business and residential address in Troy?

Well, it's kind of pathetic.

First impressions make for LASTING impressions.

I've spoken to numerous business owners and residents this week. Some of them are seeing a TCU mailing for the first time. Their reactions are priceless.

"They spent MONEY on this? My kindergartner could do better."
"Is their calculator broken?"
"They are asking for my money so they can send more of this out, but they want me to NOT spend my money on improving my city???"
"Why would I support an organization who can't write, can't add or subtract, and can't get facts straight?"

Now, I could sit here and refute nearly every single thing in their mailings. I could scan my teacher-edited red marks of all their mistakes. I could show you all the links on the city website or the website or the website that prove where and how they are dead wrong. I could explain (AGAIN) how outrageous claims of outrageous spending are usually just outrageous lies.

Or I could simply repeat this:

First impressions make for LASTING impressions.

Most Troy residents appreciate the time, effort and money we've always put into maintaining our investment in this city. By voting YES on August 2, we'll be saying that we want to preserve the time, effort and money we've always put into maintaining our library.

VOTING YES on August 2 makes a LASTING impression that we care about the future of Troy.

VOTE YES...Save Troy!

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