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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bottom Line

The city has been extremely helpful in providing an online calculator to show how the millage in August would affect your property taxes.

Here is the calculator. (Clicky)

For example, my 2010 property taxes for the city's general fund cost me $1165.79.
My 2011 property taxes for the city's general fund cost me $1072.37.
The millage would increase my 2011 property taxes for the city's general fund to $1151.47.

That means that in 2011, I'll end up PAYING $14.32 LESS than in 2010 EVEN WITH a new .7 millage increase.

Martin Howrylak doesn't like when we say it that way. He likes to point out that a .7 millage increase COSTS me $79.10 cents more a year than our current mill rate.

Martin Howrylak doesn't like to admit publicly that property values continue to decline, so taxpayers continue to PAY LESS TAX year after year, regardless of a .7 mill increase that would be DEDICATED FUNDING to the library.

I don't understand why Martin Howrylak is so against it given what he has paid to the City of Troy. Here's the breakdown of HIS property tax bill toward the general fund:

Value of the home Martin Howrylak owns in Troy: $0.00.
Property taxes paid to the general fund for that property in 2010: $0.00.
Property taxes paid to the general fund for that property in 2011: $0.00.
Change in tax that Martin Howrylak will see in 2011 when the .7 mill passes: $0.00.

You read that right. That's because Martin Howrylak doesn't own a home in Troy. Yet he thinks he knows what's best for us who do. And he thinks it's important to point out what the millage will COST you versus what you will actually PAY. Follow the example below:

You go to the store to purchase a $10.00 item with a coupon for 20% off.
It COSTS $10.00.
YOU PAY $8.00.
Martin Howrylak wants you to tell yourself only that it COSTS $10.00 and ignore the discount.
That you PAID less doesn't matter to Martin Howrylak.

Martin Howrylak can't do math. Why would you let him balance your budget?

The bottom line is that we CAN afford to pay for this millage.

Say yes on August 2. Save the library...and save Troy.


  1. O.o.

    How does a city councilman not own a house in the city?

  2. While I am a library supporter and think Mr Howrylak is a disaster as a City Council member, I had to agree with him on this approach. I think confusion over this point was one of the factors that sunk the original millage question. Troy taxpayers should understand the details of our current tax situation. While the net impact is important, understanding how we got there is also important. Otherwise, there is the opportunity for the opposition to exploit these "details" for their advantage.

  3. SavetheLibrary.sent this e-mail:
    We are having an INFORMATIONAL MEETING this Thursday, June 30 at the library from 7:00 - 8:30PM Anyone who is interested in volunteering, making donations, or hearing more information on our efforts for the August 2 election, please join us.

    Michelle Warner