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Monday, June 20, 2011

Another view of Janice Daniels hypocritical OP piece

From Rhonda
Regarding JD's Oakland Press guest opinion piece...

Janice Daniels showed her hand. She states her “game of preference is
politics.” No surprise. She and the Troy Citizens United are playing
games with our city. She is trying to re-write history, but she
underestimates residents who are on to her dirty dealing.
She accuses the city of cheating, while saying wouldn’t it be great if
“politicos” didn’t do that. 

  • Wouldn’t you call putting 3 bogus proposals on a ballot to confuse voters, cheating?
  • Wouldn’t telling people before the library vote, that no home buyer had ever asked you if Troy had a library, only later swooning how vital a library is to buyers, cheating? 
  • Wouldn’t anti-millage petitioners at polling places, intimidating voters, be cheating? 
  • Wouldn’t mailers, including one from Councilman Howrylak making patently false claims about library facts, cheating? 
  • Wouldn’t promising residents money in the budget for a library with no new taxes and then never producing REAL numbers, be cheating?
So, spare us your gee whiz nonsense about old-school political
tactics, because you and the TCU are running the playbook. You can’t
understand why people don’t like the game of politics… it’s because of
people like you, who think this is an ideological game at the expense
of Troy. We want a well-run city, respected in the region, with
services that we MUST have to protect our property values.  

Stop playing games with the future of our city and find another
pastime. Your bluff’s been called lady.

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  1. You are right on Rhonda! People are waking up and we've had enough of the games. The tides are turning. Step one to Save Troy - Vote Yes on Aug 2nd!