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Monday, June 20, 2011

3rd time? Not really

Before the election the folks who twice have thwarted our attempts to save funding for Troy Public Library will complain that we keep voting for the same thing.
Well, not really.
Feb 2010
The first time the city council asked for 1.9 mills to help increase funding for all and any city departments, as needed. They had to do this because all the characters who work to close the library today, fought in 2008 to cap our tax millage rate here in Troy. That money would have filled in the void left by falling property values. But they ran a smear campaign against the millage and against the city. 
They said the millage was too nebulous. It needed to be more specific. It needed to be less! 
So a group did what they asked.
Nov 2010
After Janice Daniels' Tea Party and TCU killed that chance to maintain the kind of Troy we loved, the Friends of the library did a citizens' initiative (against the will of some council members) and put Proposal 1 on the ballot. 
Proposal 1 was for almost 1 mill for 10 years.
Again the TCU smear/cheat campaign killed it. 
They said it was too much for too long! Why hadn't we made it a shorter duration?
So the city did what they asked.
Aug 2011
Cowed by the political prowess of unethical folks like Bob Gosselin and Martin Howrylak, the city council agonized over one more attempt to save the library. Finally they did it. 
Are they asking for 1.9 mills for 5 years? No. 
1 mill for 10 years? No.
The library millage election is for 0.7 mills for 5 years. Barely enough to keep it the way it is now (not great) and the campaigning for next time will begin in 3.5 years. What a waste.
But that's it -- we have to beg, just for this pittance.
So when someone tells you that Troy voters have already said NO to this millage twice, tell them it isn't true.
Each time the organization behind the millage has asked for less, for more reasonable terms -- bending to TCU's demands.
But of course, they don't say "Thanks for asking for less, this time!"
They don't say, "Now that it's so reasonable, I'm willing to vote yes!"
Of course not. The leaders of these groups are just silly greedy people who don't understand that saving a few bucks on the tax bill today will cost our community dearly in the long run. 
They are anti-taxers ONLY. It is their ONLY issue.
Basically they do not understand local economics at all.
Do you want a library?
Then vote yes...

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