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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Who Are the TCU?

Who are these "tax fighters" yelling so loudly day after day about the grievous misdeeds of our city and its government/administration?

-- They are our neighbors, friends and residents who would spit out ire that the free Skype service (video communications) on the library computers might be used by fellow neighbors, friends and residents with spouses and parents in the military.

That's right...they're upset that Daddy or Mommy in Iraq or Afghanistan can see you and talk to you on a computer at our public library.

-- They are the neighbors, friends and residents who feel that those living in apartments aren't REAL residents and that their votes, opinions and support for city issues don't count because they aren't property owners. Never mind that they've apparently forgotten that the person/entity owning the property doesn't simply pay that huge tax bill out of the goodness of his/her heart. Taxes are rolled into rent. We're ALL taxpayers in one way, shape or form.

That's right...those who support Martin Howrylak, a council member who PAYS NO TAXES, are upset at renters who do voicing an opinion.

-- They are the neighbors, friends and residents who were upset that the city cleared the area surrounding the police station/dispatch center and City Hall of snow/ice on the night following a storm and coinciding with a Council Meeting. Can you imagine the outrage if they HADN'T cleared it, though?

That's right...the TCU is upset that our city makes it easier for our police force to get to us in case of emergencies on inclement days AND that they made it more convenient for the whiners to show up in person to express that ignorant opinion in the first place.

-- They are neighbors, friends and residents who are INCENSED that local children and moms and dads made homemade signs, walked peacefully from the library to the City Hall and held a quiet presentation in support of the library. In the words of one TCU supporter:
"I was disgusted by the fact that this whole thing was some kind of strategy, a maneuver meant to prevent a counter-rally. Because if you think about it, what kind of arsehole would counter-rally against CHILDREN? I can almost guarantee you that these kids were bribed with ice cream and pizza to stand in front of the library and carry a sign. You think they know ANYTHING about the nature of politics and municipal economics? Hell no. Mommy told them, "Okay, Billy, if you hold this sign for an hour, we'll all go to Baskin Robbins and get a triple scoop of ChocoMint!" I was borderline furious that this group would embellish this kind of half-assed sympathy tactic, when a majority of those mothers probably DON'T EVEN GO TO THE LIBRARY."
That's right...they are upset with our children participating in a Constitutionally guaranteed right in support of something they all love. This group of proud American patriots who LOVE to quote our historic documents to us...invoke God and all that is holy...spew the words of our forefathers at us...ARE UPSET that our children are taking notice of what is happening and asked to participate in a quiet rally??
[And by the way?? I am at the library ALL.THE.TIME, as are the children and moms and dads who marched with me. ]
Author note: in full disclosure, the original final paragraph of this article has been removed. It is for each citizen to make up his/her mind what the facts are. Let the public record speak for itself, and use that in your journey. Most of all...educate yourself. Don't simply listen to me or anyone else without doing your due diligence in uncovering the details of an issue.


  1. FYI: Major flaws to arguments as described by the academic school of philosophy/logic:

    "Besides the point"- any arguments that do not address stated arguments but rather focus on an unrelated aspect, such as those that attack a persons character.

    "argument by emotion"- using emotions to sway opinions in the absence of valid and sound arguments--arguments by which stated premise are true and force the conclusion. Such as by using empathy to children to sway votes in an election.

    And now you know.

  2. Last I checked the person who wrote the piece about being offended by the children's rally wasn't a spokesperson for TCU. Whether or not that aligns with their stance, I'm not at liberty to say,as I am also not their spokesperson either. But once again, neither was the author of said piece.

  3. Sharon...Thanks for removing that by the way... nice gesture. Might be good to make a revision to the last paragraph as well. I'm not sure who you are referring to, but in a heated debate like we have within the city, that kind of thing simply fuels whack jobs. Us relatively sane but passionate residents mean no harm on both sides of todays issues, but there is that fringe, and we know who they are. Dave

  4. Anon - the person who wrote the piece about our children made this statement on a TCU sute and was cheered and admired by TCU fans and leaders. Please....

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