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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When First They Practice to Deceive...

One thing I've noticed about manipulative people is that they are the first ones to accuse others of the same.

The latest accusation toward me (and anyone who agrees with me that Troy is in trouble because of declining revenues and is in need of increasing revenues, probably in the form of increased millage dollars...) is that I mislead voters by saying that they've paid less tax for the last 2-3 years.

You see, the MILLAGE RATE hasn't decreased since 2007...and before that, 2006. Yes, we've had TWO MILLAGE DECREASES in the last five years. Granted, it went down only .2mills, but it went DOWN because our council has always been faithful is decreasing the burden when possible.

So that's ONE reason your property tax may have gone down.

The other reason -- the one we ALL KNOW AND RECOGNIZE -- is that our property values have decreased.

I knew that, right? We're in a recession? Michigan hit the skids like...three, four years ago? Your home is worth much less now than it was before?

Right...I'm pretty sure that anyone who owns a home in this city is PAINFULLY aware of how much we've lost in our investment. And while I appreciate that relief in my tax bill, I'm also PAINFULLY aware of what that means to my city in being able to provide for my services.

So yes, we've paid LESS in taxes to the city. We've paid less because the mill rate went down and because our property values decreased.

I have pointed out Troy's millage rate numerous times.
I've shown how you can caluclate your tax burden on that rate many times.
I've shown you the average tax bill for a Troy resident as compared to the average tax bill of neighboring cities on equal taxable values.
I've explained the services we receive for that as compared to the services in neighboring cities.

I'd like to know what part of that is misleading. All I can come up with is that my accusers are simply trying ONCE AGAIN to kick dirt on someone else so as to hide their misdeeds. Keep in mind: these are the same people who INSIST that no one was dumb enough to be confused by their extra ballot measures in November. But're all too dumb to see that one reason you pay less now is because your home is worth less.

Funny how the argument has to keep changing to support whatever the argument of the day is.

Telling the truth is far only have one story to keep straight, one argument to make.

The argument I've made remains the same: Troy is underfunded.

Support the ballot measure in August...SAVE TROY.

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