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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thank yous

People who want to save the library did not do much celebrating after Troy City Council approved placing a Library Millage on the ballot this coming August.
That's because we know there is a huge fight to come against uncivil and unethical opponents.
But right now I would like to thank some people who made this happen.
Thanks to John Szerlag for surprising us all in February by raising the Library Law issue in a memo to council and bringing the idea back to the surface.
Thanks to Martin Howrylak for surprising us all in April by raising the very idea that there were still ways to save the library.
Thanks to Robin Beltramini for bringing a resolution to the table in April to force discussion and movement on the issue.
Thanks to all of the city council members who participated in engagement sessions, especially Dane Slater and Maureen McGinnis who went the extra mile and hosted additional sessions.
Thanks to Wade Fleming for sitting at my table the only engagement session I attended and having the courage to disagree with everything the TCU representative at our table said, even though he knew I would write about it here and that I am a political adversary. He respects the truth enough to be honest.
Thanks to Louise Schilling for putting the initial millage wording on the city council agenda. 
Thanks to Mary Kerwin for trying to put the roads on the ballot as well.
Thanks to the 5 council members who tried to compromise with the two members who would not compromise. 
Thanks to the 5 council members who voted yes to put the issue on the ballot.  
It's going to be a tough fight, but we certainly appreciate the people who value libraries over a few bucks and value community over politics.
Thank you.


  1. Sharon,
    There may be more thank you's, like to you, for gathering all this information tirelessly. I can't be naive anymore; I suspect, at the least, it will still be a close vote, but I hope the truth has gotten out enough.

  2. Thank YOU Deb. And thanks to Sue martin, whose writings here are often presumed to be mine. She never runs out of energy (or ammunition) even when I'm exhausted and hiding from this insanity.

  3. Thanks to Sharon MacDonell - for being truthful, honest, hardworking, dedicated, and an information vehicle for the city. you are worth your weight in gold...