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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Real estate folks who don't understand the importance of libraries?

from Robin

I have to say, even I was surprised to see that Janice Daniels, one of TCU's most vociferous and annoying figureheads (leader of Troy Tea Party Patriots and Troy Citizens United), pays so little in summer property taxes to the City of Troy. In the hundreds, not thousands, and dropping fast.  
The most she'd probably have paid to keep the library open if Proposal 1 had passed back in November would have been between $40-50 bucks a year. Business must be really bad for her to be railing so hard against something so obviously important to the property values of every one of us who live here.  
It's been said over and over, but apparently you've got to repeat something a thousand times for it to sink in once; If we lose the amenities that make a city like Troy attractive to the people who moved here in droves because of the library and schools, they will move elsewhere and we will be left with a community that can't compete with cities like Rochester and Novi that do offer them.  
One can only wonder at Ms. Daniels' utter cluelessness, as a real estate agent no less, to this reality.  
Janice, take a break from writing your next insipid Oakland Press column and go spend some time outside the library watching how many people go in and out of it next Sunday…if it's still open. Note who is using it—the same parents and children who have made our Troy schools the envy of the nation. The ones who bought here on the recommendation of friends and relatives, who will soon be telling everyone they know to look elsewhere.

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