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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Put my tax savings back into the city...please

Last week we received a check from our mortgage company. It was a refund check from our escrow account of $996. The mortgage company had estimated our taxes would be $996 more than they were last year. Oh, and our mortgage bill went down $50 a month for this year. But you won't hear me celebrating. 
If there's one thing my household is saving on, it's taxes.
If only it weren't so.
I only wish Janice Daniels, Jack Witt and all the rest had kept quiet last year in February when the first millage election came up in Troy. If they hadn't created so much hysteria, our millage rate would have gone up a little, our taxes would have gone down more, and we would have all the city services and amenities I moved to Troy for.
It's great to save money. But not covered in the blood of our services and amenities.
And as people continue to hear how screwed up Troy is, because we host a bunch of wacky, anti-community residents who convince others to vote against their own best interests, they will continue to buy elsewhere, our home values will continue to fall and we'll be stuck here with no library, with cities all around closing their libraries to us. With our life's biggest investment destroyed.
Who knew there actually ARE worse things than taxes?

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