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Monday, May 16, 2011

Mr. Howrylak tantrums again

Last week the council intended to spend the budget study session talking about the library funding and millage possibilities, I believe. But in a move reminiscent to me of when my kids do everything they can to stall the go-to-bed process, Mr. Howrylak stalled and stalled through multiple off-topic questions of information he should have gathered before the meeting.
The council ended up with about 40 minutes with which to discuss the library and were not roundly prepared when they got to the formal meeting. Then many TCU members spoke not just once but twice because they "have the right to" not because they have anything to say (I believe Ms. Daniels read from a text book for 5 minutes of the council's valuable time). 
They didn't have time to finish the library funding discussion.
This week?
Howrylak sends his brand new, 65 page budget resolution to CM Fleming (his buddy) ONLY and the rest of council gets it after 5:30 TONIGHT.
Now instead of talking about the library TODAY as today is the DEADLINE to approve the budget, the city council is bogged down in Howrylak's 4-hour-old idea.
It is 9:45pm on May 16, 2011. 
I believe they must approve by midnight.
Howrylak's Tantrum Time, once again.


  1. Martin Howrylak is a politician Richard Nixon would be proud of.

    What a scheming, duplicitous weasel.

  2. He may be a scheming, duplicitous weasel, but I still want to know "Why?"
    Now, I know I will probably never know this answer. Here is another question to present: "What is he gaining by behaving in this manner?" Or another "What are your long term goals and aspirations?" In my opinion, which also translates to a vote, he should be doing something more positive with his precious amount of time.