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Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's Put a Price Tag on This...

From the Oakland Press, Sunday, May 22, 2011
Opinion Pages
Author: Janice Daniels, TCU and Troy Tea Party

The city management should cut all city departments back to their true core necessary functions and reduce the hours of operations for all city departments. We do not need a full service, 40 hours a week city hall when our economy is so fragile. However...the Troy City Council has an agenda to raise our taxes so that they do not have to do the really hard work of cutting department heads and cutting into the $27 million police budget. We love our local police and we want them to stay local but we don’t want to pay three times the amount of money to run an effective police department as we need to. The city has its agenda. Council members come up with their assumptions, they draw their conclusions, they create their budget, but they want our money.”

TCU has an agenda, and Ms. Daniels is spelling it out for you right here in her piece.

1 -- kill the city government.

2 -- dismantle the city structure.

3 -- contract out police services of the safest city in the state to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Department (Apparently we can afford to be less safe and protected once they close the government. After all, if there’s NO CITY, what is there to protect?)

Make no mistake: nothing else Ms. Daniels says...nothing else TCU more important than what she just told you.

The ONLY thing TCU and Ms. Daniels want is to dismantle the city government, structure and police force. The only way they can continue to do that is to continue to deny the city government the revenue it so desperately needs.

It's worth it to them to suggest that we lay-off 2/3 of our police force...virtually close down City Hall and lay-off or demote all those employees...make you wait longer for any city service you might need...indeed, deny us proper city services.

What does this agenda of TCU cost them?

It would cost them $5.83/month on a taxable property of $100,000.

It's costing ALL OF US thousands of dollars in lost property value to have this city destroyed by zealots like Ms. Daniels.

I know which bill I'd rather pay. How about you?

Support the August ballot measure...SAVE TROY.

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