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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let's Play Telephone!!!

From Sue...

There's a fun kids' game called's where the "caller" whispers something to the first child, and then each child passes the message along until it comes to the end. Obviously, lots gets lost in translation as the message is shared. Sometimes, what the listener hears is so far from reality that it's laughable.

For example, a friend of mine in a community group called TRUST (Troy Residents Unified for a Strong Troy) said, "My neighbor owns a home in Ann Arbor and a home here in Troy. Because they're a blended family, they weren't sure which community would end up being their permanent home. Given all the strife here in Troy now, they've started to think it would might be Ann Arbor." got passed along to an anti-taxer. Guess what HE heard???

"TRUST says Troy should be like Ann Arbor??? Ann Arbor, ok to smoke does TRUST support legalizing WEED??"

Did you like that one? Let's try another.

It's springtime in Troy...that means soccer! The TYSL (Troy Youth Soccer League) is NOTORIOUS for their "the show must go on!" reputation. Games are RARELY normally need to see a lighting strike before they even THINK about calling the game, and even's usually just a delay. Many of us dedicated soccer moms recall standing in the cold, driving rain one fateful Mother's Day, wondering WHY they wouldn't cancel a game on a such a wet day that SHOULDN'T have had a game scheduled anyway???

Canceling soccer games in Troy was RARE...until now. From the TYSL site:

TYSL fully understands your frustration with respect to the inability to play games due to the rainy start to the season that we have had in Troy and throughout the state. Please keep in mind that the TYSL board is constantly monitoring the weather and field conditions. Even though the weather may be playable, the large amount of rainfall that we have had may still make the fields vulnerable to damage if utilized too soon.

TYSL considers both the long and short term benefits and risks in making the decision whether to play or not. In today’s economic climate, we can no longer count on the city’s Parks and Recreation department to repair fields as in the past. Therefore, any damage created by playing on these saturated fields may extend past this spring season and into future seasons.

To date, TYSL has had to cancel approximately 100 games due to the poor field conditions. The board is discussing how to reschedule as many of these games as possible. We will not know if any or all games can be rescheduled until the weather improves. Please monitor the TYSL web-site for updates.

Thank you for your patience and we hope to play soccer very soon.

You read that correctly: even TYSL knows that with all the cuts to the Parks portion of Parks and Rec., keeping up with repairs on fields that have been played wet is impossible. To preserve the conditions of the fields over a long-term basis, TYSL is having to cancel UNPRECEDENTED numbers of games. got passed along to an anti-taxer. Guess what HE heard???

"Did they also tell you about the new machine they could buy with a tax increase that sucks all the water out of the ground and dries up the sky's (sic)? You've moved on to blaming the April weather on lack of city funding? Apparently troy youth soccer has had to cancel some games because we can't afford to buy that big water sucky machine that's supposed to dry the fields and rid the skies of clouds and eliminate global cooling?"

That's right...TYSL -- NOT TRUST -- states on their public website that they are preserving the fields by not playing on them in wet weather because Troy's Parks division can no longer be counted on to keep up with field repairs in this dire economic climate. But anyone who takes TYSL at their word is -- in our tax fighter's words -- not "sane," is spreading "the dumbest thing" he's heard, and it makes us "look ridiculous." It's a veritable CONSPIRACY, I tell you!

We have time for one more caller.

In a recent column, Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press stated, "If you say something loudly enough, and often enough, it's what people remember. Regardless of the truth."

It's a good thing to keep in mind, especially in Troy today. You will hear any number of misleading mantras by those trying to convince you that you are overtaxed in Troy. It's always wise to fact-check whatever you hear from anyone on an issue, ESPECIALLY IF IT SOUNDS TOO AWFUL to be believed.

BBRRRRRNNNNNGGGGG...share that philosophy with an anti-taxer, and you'll hear this:

"Quoting Mitch Albom? The guy who wrote a book about the Fab 5 who were later found to be cheaters??? You would listen to someone who made money promoting cheaters???"

That there is some darn fine tap dancing, my friends. It's a good tactic to use when you don't want to hear the message on our proverbial phone call. It's a tactic used often by those anti-tax fighters who will do seemingly ANYTHING to convince you that your city is fine the way it is...that it's great to live without basic services...that the ONLY reason you can't have your streets plowed is because we pay our public sector workers far too much.

It's what they want you to believe, REGARDLESS OF THE TRUTH.
So they tap dance around an issue, change the subject, insult anyone who disagrees with them.

Dirty politics is loud...and it often wins.

That means we ALL lose.


It's time to hang up the phone and go talk to your friends and neighbors in person. Make sure they get the message right; it's time to SAVE TROY.

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