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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Janice, you just don't get it

Hey Sue, I'm going to step in here too! 
Can't resist!
So, in Janice Daniels' latest kooky guest opinion piece in the Oakland Press she writes,
The city management should cut all city departments back to their true core necessary functions and reduce the hours of operations for all city departments. We do not need a full service, 40 hours a week city hall when our economy is so fragile. However, we should not reduce the hours of operation for the library because the library is shown to be the glue that holds this community together.
Our departments are cut so close to the skin we are bleeding, but she wants more. Unbelievable. 
People of Troy must understand that this woman cares about one thing: Taxes. She doesn't care about the library. Last year she said that as a real estate agent she KNOWS that people moving into Troy never ask about the LIBRARY, they ask about TAXES. (Every time I tell that true story the listener or reader says, "Doesn't she know that's because no one would ever guess Troy DOESN'T have a library!?!" Guess not).
She also said at a meeting where children had offered to give their pennies to save the library that, "These pro-library people drag children in here to get sympathy." 
It did not occur to Ms. Daniels that children like libraries because they have books for children and programs for children. (Janice, smack yourself and repeat after me -- Moms and Children want libraries because they are GOOD.)
Now, this silly woman who gets up at every city council meeting and yammers about taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes and then she mentions taxes, is a Libertarian (they hate taxes) and a Tea Party leader (they hate taxes) and a TCU leader (they hate taxes). In all of her feverish anti-tax hysteria she writes:
Every single person who speaks on behalf of a tax increase speaks on pure emotion — I think, I wish, I want, I need. 
WE are "emotional" apparently because we want something so foolish as a LIbrary. She is wise, because she wants a part-time, no frills government. Who needs silly things like cops, libraries and water--pishtosh!
Yes, Janice, I think, wish want and need--I think, therefore I wish for good schools, I want a library for my children. They NEED a frickin' library. Why don't you understand, Janice? Because your kid is graduated and gone? You've had yours and we can all shove it?
Please recognize this will be TCU's message this summer. They will say, "The people who want you to vote yes to SAVE THE LIBRARY are too emotional, they are hysterical, they are needy..."
We are women and children, yes indeed. But unlike Ms. Daniels, I am smart enough to understand that our home is the biggest investment in our lives and by destroying our city, by closing our library, by weakening our police force, TCU is costing Troy residents REAL money, by hurting our property values. And when people don't buy houses here, children don't move in and bring more state funding to our schools, and empty houses cause blight and empty houses don't pay taxes, it puts more burden on the rest of us.
Yes, I'm emotional about the library, but I am also smart. So shall we conclude that Ms. Daniels not only has no emotions, but she ain't too bright, neither? Why doesn't this real estate agent understand that very obvious point? Was she as good real estate agent?
I'm sorry, Janice, but I see the city government looking weak and spending money on surveys and analysis because YOU AND TCU have completely emasculated our city government and staff. The best of our city staff is leaving in droves to cities where they don't have to deal with nutjobs like all of you who get up every meeting and blather nonsense and lies incessantly.
Am I on a rant here or what?
Now one more thing--let's go back to this line from her little article:
However, we should not reduce the hours of operation for the library because the library is shown to be the glue that holds this community together.
In the same article she says we a over-emotional fools for wanting the library. And now (cue the strings) the library is sweet glue. *&^$!
Again, the woman who worked harder than perhaps anyone else (except perhaps Howrylak and Kempen) to ensure the failure of Proposal 1, last November, now suddenly thinks a library is good? A library is important?
Trust me, people, last year Janice Daniels made it extremely clear that she believed a library is a joke and a waste of space.
And even though we have the lowest taxes of 95% of cities in Oakland County, she wants still lower taxes and still fewer services.
This is what a dangerous person looks like, folks. And she will say ANYTHING to get what she wants.
And if you don't like my implying she has no heart, here's what Daniels wrote in her Oakland Press guest opinion piece in August 2010 (you know, back when the library was a joke to her and not "glue")...
"And, closer to home, what about those folks who prefer to keep the hard earned fruits of their labor in their own pocketbooks instead of in the taxman’s coffers or the politico’s war chest — Guilty — Uncaring, unconcerned, uncommitted to the advancement of (you fill in the blank for the issue of the moment: Children, libraries, home values, poor people, old people, safe streets, parks, museums, fairs, Washington insiders). The list of issues that you should be ashamed of yourself for not supporting is as endless as the requests for taxes or retributions or contributions or revenue enhancements or commitments or condemnations."
Yes, you should be ashamed.


  1. Great article! JD never ceases to amaze me with her continuous rhetoric and BS. It would be very interesting to know if any of the TCU folks even have library cards or have ever used it. By the likes of their continual rants, I doubt it!

    Isn't it interesting that the surrounding communities pull together and do what is best for their community and we have these nut jobs continually bashing ours? That alone should prove something to our citizens. WAKE UP! SMELL THE COFFEE! SAVE TROY!

  2. Yes, she and TCU are so concerned with taxes that they believe people who work in public service should work for free. Janice's son is in the military and since he is on the public dole and asking for handouts from the taxpayer, he is one of those that should be providing his service for free. I hope she is being consistent and asking him to return his paycheck, cut his hours, get a "real" job. . . . That would apply to any of the civilian doctors who work in miltary hospitals who would help him if he is injured. The people she pals around with think Freedom (and everything else) should be free.