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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Follies on Ice...Troy Style

One of our more illustrious anti-tax zealots in Troy has been granted more space for an op-ed in the Oakland Press. I have quite a response percolating for the bulk of the article…and you will get it soon…but there is one aspect of it that really needs to be allowed to stand all on its own.

From Janice Daniels of Troy Citizens United, I bring you the Troy Ice Follies...

“Now is the time to pare down government excesses, tap into some of the emergency money because a recession is an emergency and look for ways to reduce regulations and red tape to create a friendlier business climate. Someone mentioned the idea of an outdoor city ice rink.”

Wait…hold on…what did she just say??

Janice Daniels of the TCU wants Troy to use our emergency money (fund balance) for an outdoor ice rink. That is what Troy needs to create a “friendlier business climate."

Now, I know many households here in Troy are struggling financially. Families have had to make tough choices in figuring out how to pay bills, which bills to pay, and which bills can't be paid. But even in the WORST of circumstances, would YOU drain your 401K and retirement accounts to fund an ice rink in your back yard for a friendly atmosphere? Would you spend your reserves trying to woo your neighbors over for a party in hopes that it would build your portfolio???

No, that can’t be right…let’s give her a chance to explain herself. Surely I misread is the very next portion of that paragraph...

“That is a good idea to increase the community atmosphere without a great deal of expense. We should take these kinds of proactive steps to spend existing funds wisely without further burdening the citizenry with an unnecessary tax increase when there is clearly money hidden in the set of assumptions that is called “the budget.”

Ummm...yes. That's really what she meant. So, again, we’re going into SUMMER, and Ms. Daniels thinks we should “proactively” create an outdoor ice rink to create a friendlier business community. That’s what she deems spending wisely in an “emergency.” She calls that "good idea." She wants to spend "hidden money" on an ice rink.

She thinks allowing the Troy voters to vote on a millage to fund the library is foolish...but the city should use existing emergency funds ice rink.

I'll just let you sit with that for a day or two before I give the rest of my response to Ms. Daniel's most recent diatribe. I have to go get some ice for the cool drink I need to wrap my head around the rest of her nonsense...


  1. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  2. That woman is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! First, she wants to reduce the police budget (i.e., cut pay and/or layoff officers). Then she laments the spending of emergency funds. Finally, she says spend those same emergency funds on an ice rink?! What the heck for? Troy has a private business with four ice surfaces and plenty of ice time available!

    I hope the majority of the citizenry finally wises up and stops listening to this nut job faction. They want nothing but anarchy and chaos. Troy has already laid off hundreds of workers. Services have obviously suffered as evidenced by reduced hours at the library, slow snow removal, and worsening conditions at our public parks.

  3. As is true with all those who fly over the cuckoo's next, the more they talk, the more inane they sound. If she just keeps talking eventually she will say something so ridiculous that everyone will know, once and for all, that she and TCU are full of excrement. Keep up the good work Ms. Daniels!