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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bridge to Somewhere?

Last night city council discussed ways of keeping the library open until we can squeeze out one more millage vote to save it for real.
Library Director Cathy Russ talked about what what a 15 hour a week library would be like and it wasn't pretty. Before they spoke of it it occured to me that if the library was open just 2 or 3 days a week it would be a total madhouse. They even spoke of safety issues.
What a mess TCU and Howrylak have wrought. If only 300 people had not voted against the library-saving Prop 1 last year we would be sitting pretty right now. But no. They had to pour so much money into it. So much disinformation.
We got to see Janice Daniels yet again last night. Was it quasi-threatening of her to say she had looked up every council member's tax record and claimed that all of their taxes have gone up over the past few years.
Daniels claimed that her home value had gone down $60k since she bought in 2002. What she didn't say is that there is no way in hell, of course, that her taxes didn't go down. Mine went waaaay down. Oh, I just found it. Her summer taxes went from nearly $800 in summer of 2005 to less than $400 in summer of 2010.
Why doesn't she come clean about that? Why doesn't she admit how much revenue the city has lost?
I can see online that her condo has lost nearly half its value since 2002. My house has lost a third of its value since 2005, so I share her grief about that. 
With all of the accusations that get swung around, I want to say just one thing to you.
Letting the library close will not save us. It will not help our terrible, sinking property values. It will not improve your real estate business. 
Letting the library close, or fighting for the library to close as you will no doubt do, will make everything worse.
I simply don't understand you.

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  1. I didn't understand her until I sat next to her at one of the Council Community Engagement Sessions. She comes from a place of fear and mistrust. It's very sad. My husband I left that night feeling very sorry for. And worried for our community and society overall if that emotional place becomes commonplace. We can't successfully/collectively live that way.

    As one who strives to be empathic, I've taken time in my own mind to "go" with her line of thinking. To give it chance. To try to discern if maybe I'm the one who is not thinking clearly.

    Here's how that plays out:

    For the sake of argument, let's say we all choose to trust the TCU perspective that our city management is horribly flawed and there is money somewhere. We buy in and fight against and vote down any millage increases. We stand at the microphone at council meetings insisting on our "rightness." Fighting, arguing, expressing our frustration as we claim they are wrong and hiding money and we are right, right, right! And in our rightness we get ... well, this is where buying into their thinking confuses me. Because, as I see it, we get more of what we're getting. Our library will close (or be woefully inadequate), our police services become run-of-the-mill, our road maintenance/snowplowing is crappy. But we are able to stand up and keep saying "we are right!" The budget will be tight and we will be right!

    Playing out that scenario further, I think we'll be asking ourselves in the current fashion of civic rhetoric: How's all that tighty-righty stuff workin' for us?

    Well. Here's what it will do for me. I'll have more money in my pocketbook. Enough for a haircut, style and highlights, I suppose. Or a couple of fancy nights out. Oh! Or instead of re-wearing the dress from my nephew's wedding for another wedding, I'll be able to go buy another dress. With new shoes! And add in a manicure for the special day. Yay!(?)

    Um. Sorry. No thanks. That doesn't sound appealing at all. I would rather fork over those few bucks to support a millage increase. And restore my once-stellar city services. And regain my proud, upbeat, and aspirational community.

    I understand her. But as hard as I try to go there, I can't support her.