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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

And God bless Cathy Russ!!!

How could I have forgotten Cathy Russ? She has stood by the library through thick and thin and is still with us in Troy through all of this madness, offering uncomplaining professionalism and as many options and ideas that are asked of her.
If anyone deserves our heartfelt thanks, no matter what side you are on, it is Cathy Russ, our library director.
Thank her here!


  1. We have some of the most devoted and dedicated city employees: Cathy Russ, a homegrown hero, Loraine Campbell from the Museum, and Cindy Stewart who is the face of the city and bears the brunt of it when times are bad. We are lucky to have such amazing women working for the common good.

  2. Puhleeze!! Ms. Russ' response to everything preceding the Proposal 1 vote was: My hands are tied! And staff members were instructed by her to say nothing to patrons who asked about the library's future. Self-serving careerist is more like it.

  3. Um, her hands weren't tied? So in your opinion a "self-serving careerist" is someone doesn't speak out because she will be fired if she does?
    You wackos want all of these people to work for NOTHING and then they have to be selfless fools as well?
    I'm sorry, but you are an idiot.
    All I gotta say.

  4. And at least what I say I stand behind with my name, "anonymous."

  5. You don't even have the courage to stand up and put your name behind your cruel opinion, but you expect her to speak up and lose her JOB?
    I mean, what kind of ruthless boneheads are you people, anyway?

  6. So...not having the authority to pay for the library herself and telling employees not to share what could have been incorrect information makes Ms. Russ a self-serving careerist???

    Gonna have to try a little harder, Anonymous. You aren't making sense yet.

    I'm curious about those who voted this post "crazy," too. Exactly what is crazy? And how many times DID you vote, Anon??? ;)