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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Again? Attacking kids and moms who love the library?

Sometimes the anti-taxers in this town make it so easy.
So...some moms wanted to have a rally for the library. It was their idea and I happily jumped in. What is wrong with that? And why does the below writer think that it's 1) incomprehensible that all of these moms would use the library (why else would we bother? duh) and 2) these kids value the library?
My kids come home and tell me that other kids at their elementary school talk about the possible library closure all the time.
Last year Tom Burke and Janice Daniels continuously joked at the microphone about children being "used" for the sake of the library. I simply ask them why they don't think libraries are relevant to kids? They have books for kids there...ya know?
I suppose your answer is that in your opinion this is simply an economic issue, too complicated for kids--that's what the man below seems to think.
But for me, a person who believes that the real-estate-bubble-bursting recession = lower property values = lower property taxes = lower city income = loss of services, it's very simple to understand. Add to that TCU's hair-brained scheme to cap our taxes so residents have to vote for EVERY SINGLE INCREASE, NO MATTER HOW DIRE.
That's so simple even a little kid can understand. And mine do. I didn't have to bribe them, and a neighbor kid begged to tag along.
And yes, we do use the library.
So I wish people wouldn't criticize me or my kids for standing up for what we believe in -- a well-funded, OPEN public library in Troy.

From a TCU fan about the family rally on Monday:
"I was disgusted by the fact that this whole thing was some kind of strategy, a maneuver meant to prevent a counter-rally. Because if you think about it, what kind of arsehole would counter-rally against CHILDREN? I can almost guarantee you that these kids were bribed with ice cream and pizza to stand in front of the library and carry a sign. You think they know ANYTHING about the nature of politics and municipal economics? Hell no. Mommy told them, "Okay, Billy, if you hold this sign for an hour, we'll all go to Baskin Robbins and get a triple scoop of ChocoMint!" I was borderline furious that this group would embellish this kind of half-assed sympathy tactic, when a majority of those mothers probably DON'T EVEN GO TO THE LIBRARY."

--To answer the writer's question, "The same kind of arsehole who would criticize moms and kids for rallying to save the library."


  1. Remind me to organize a counter-rally in front of the library with children holding No New Taxes signs. I'd like to know your opinion then. Something tells me you'd be saying the same thing I did.

    "Argument by emotion" is a non sequitur way of BRIBING votes. Thanks.

  2. P.S. You're a fool if you think I want the library to close. I DON'T want the library to close, but I DON'T want new taxes either. Learn to differentiate your feelings. You automatically assume that the TCU just want to shut down our beloved library? NO. They want to formulate a no-cost ALTERNATIVE. There's a difference, and quite frankly, an alternative is the more honorable route.

    Oh yeah, I worked at the library for 5 years, and go there daily. But somehow I'm the enemy because I made a tongue-in-cheek comment that rankled a bunch of over-sensitive women's maternal instincts. And sorry, maternal instincts have no say in municipal politics.

    However, I have a feeling you won't "approve" of this comment, so maybe I'm just talking to myself?

  3. Children understands what it means to have no library. Do you not have children? Lots of kids are sad about this. we don't have to "use" children. They are interested in this issue. How silly.
    How can you have a "no cost" library. Even my child in 2nd grade math know you can't pay for a $2.5 million library with $0.
    "Maternal instincts" have no place in municipal politics? What do you mean by that? First I'm "using" my kids for evil purposes, now I'm too maternal? Make up your mind please.
    I think maternal instincts should be use in every decision. Regardless, if the library closes it will hurt my property values even more. Anti tax rantings are hurting my property values. The best employees in Troy leaving in droves because they can't bear to be yelled at anymore by people who don't know what they are talking about is also hurting my property values.
    There -- does only talking about money help you understand?????