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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yay, Councilwoman Beltramini...

from Sharon
I like Councilwoman Beltramini's idea of finding a stopgap solution to save the Troy Public Library temporarily until we can find REAL funding to support a REAL library in the future.
The key words she said last night were that there should be a way to maintain Troy resident's "access to the library collection." Why mothball the collection?
This makes sense to me, as a parent who is about to have to go out and buy a membership at another library 10-20 miles away just to keep my kids in books until we can get real funding for the library that is 1 mile from my house.
Folks can argue as much as they like that it's better to close the library than to keep it open two days a week temporarily, but in my position that is a ridiculous argument. Good for them, perhaps, not for me. Not for someone who uses it.
The library is only a symbol, they say? Yeah, and closing it is a symbol of capitulation and lack of leadership and failure. 
Looks like last night was the start of Ms. Beltramini's mayoral campaign. A+ for leadership from this observer.
Go, council, go!


  1. At the Lambert household, we appreciate Councilwoman Beltramini's efforts to find a temporary solution to the Library situation.

  2. I appreciate that Beltrimini is trying to keep the library open a minimal number of hours until city council can find a way to fully fund it. But don't you feel that this decision could have and should have been made weeks if not months ago?

    The city council has had 19 months since this started, 14 months since the citywide millage failed, 11 months since they passed the 3 year budget last May, and 6 months since the Friends' millage proposal failed. The library is in shutdown mode with 2 weeks left before it closes to the public. The library director is doing her best to keep the library staffed during business hours, but it hasn't been easy when much of the library staff have left for other jobs. Can you blame them?

    Why do politicians always wait till the 11th hour to actually do something?! This whole situation has been agonizing for everyone involved. Someone had posted previously that city council will have to quit delaying and make a decision: raise taxes or close the library. I just hope that when all is finally said and done (sooner rather than later), Troy citizens will have a fully-funded quality public library.

  3. I finally agree with Sharon... something in the sort term is better than nothing.

    'not Dave Lambert' anonymous... but that's probably a moot point now! :)

  4. Until every council member states support for a dedicated millage and promises to campaign for it before the election, this should be considered a stay of execution. In addition, until we understand where the cuts are to be made, I cannot be a supporter.