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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Will the Real TCU Please Stand Up

I had an opportunity to spend some time with someone in the city largely detached from the situation I've been consumed by for the last six months.

He asked a question that gave me pause...even though it's so elementary that I'm appalled with myself for not seeing it this way sooner.

He asked, "Will the real TCU please stand up?"

He was referring to the sinister way members of the TCU will stop dead in their tracks and suddenly cover themselves in the mantle of someone else's words and they hold their fingers out in the wind to see where it's blowing so they know how to reframe their arguments to better garner sympathy from the electorate.

You know what I'm saying...remember how six months ago our library could have been burned to the ground and they wouldn't have batted an eye? How many of their members and supporters argued that libraries were obsolete...used only by un-taxed minority renters or residents from out of the city...populated by pedophiles using free internet?

But NOW? Now that the media is taking notice and closure is imminent -- AS IS THE NOVEMBER ELECTION WITH OPEN COUNCIL SEATS -- NOW the TCU is among the most ardent supporters of our library??? They'll stand up at the podium at council meetings and chastise the council members who voted for Option 1 budget that defunded the library, they'll argue vehemently that our very existence is predicated on a library in a community, they'll play on the heartstrings of anyone who will listen how the little children won't have somewhere to go.

They are liars.

They are shrewd and dangerous politicians.

They are bankrolled by shrewd and dangerous politicians.

They don't care about the library as anything else except a vehicle to populate our city council and position of mayor come November.

I know the real TCU. I wish they'd sit down now.

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