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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why TCU must debunk the survey

It's so simple.
For years TCU has been putting out flyers filled with lies and lying at the microphone at city council meetings and to reporters.
And what is one of the common refrains?
The anti-tax group loves to say, "The people want..." and "The people of Troy want..." 
They never say anything that I want.
They don't represent me.
They don't represent anyone I know.
They represent greed, intoloerance, dirty politics and selfishness.
TCU represents TCU.
The LAST thing these selfish people want is to hear what the people REALLY want. 
The survey shows what the people want.
Bob Gosselin, Glenn Clark, Jack Witt, Martin Howrylak, Janice Daniels don't care what you want or think.
They have their Libertarian, anti-tax agenda and that's ALL THEY CARE ABOUT....
...Library, city and people be damned.

1 comment:

  1. How about this: if they are SO SURE the people's wishes are clear, let's have them stand down for the next election. No spurious ballot measures...not Howrylak last quarter punt.

    If an election passes on the MERITS OF THE ELECTION ALONE...and 'they' win...fine. People have spoken. But if not...well, I want to hear them admit they are wrong, did wrong and stand for wrong.