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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TCU has lots of dough...Where's it from?

Where does TCU get all its money?
Troy is a city on the brink of financial distress. TCU's answer to this is, "Don't raise our tax rate to solve the problem of diminishing services! Take money for the library out of our emergency funds - woo-hoo!"
And how are they getting the news out about an upcoming meeting in which they'll tell people how to save the library and break the city? With expensive robocalls.
Who is paying for the calls?
Let's take a guess.
Robert Gosselin and Glenn Clark are a major figures in the Republican Party in Oakland County and Michigan.
Glenn Clark is the founder of the Oakland County Tea Party and a leader in Oakland County Republican Party. 
Martin Howrylak is a majorly important figure in the Michigan Libertarian Party (which is often equated with the Tea Party).
Janice Daniels is both head of the Troy Tea Party Patriots and a leader/spokesperson of Troy Citizens United.
Now, there's nothing wrong with these groups, per se, but they really only care about cutting taxes, and with the terrible situation Troy is in, it's not really a time to be playing with the books for political reasons, rather than fiscally wise reasons.
What do Tea Party folks say TEA stands for? Taxed Enough Already. Kinda ironic in Troy where our taxes are kooky low (3rd lowest in Oakland County).
Hmm, wonder where the money comes from? The starving, unemployed citizens of Troy TCU pretends to represent? Or a passel of political groups and parties who care ONLY about tax rates and nothing else--not your library, not snow plowing, not nature centers. Nothing.
And lots of this money probably comes from outside Troy, too. Last year when they did robocalls against Proposal 1, Rochester Hills politician Tom McMillan voiced the robocall. I wondered back then, what the hell business it was of his.
They are PROUD that they killed Proposal 1 (Frank Howrylak, founder and spokesperson for TCU said he was "humbled" by the win in November. Proposal 1 was our last shot at saving the library in a secure, responsible way.
So the questions are...
1. Whose money is it that is dooming our library and our city?
2. Why don't they invest "in" the city instead of "against" it?
3. Why won't outsiders leave us alone?
Answer: Because to these people, Troy is an experiment--We are the petri dish of Michigan. They want to know, what happens when you almost completely de-fund a city?
How does it feel to be TCU's Guinea Pig, folks?

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  1. What I find interesting is that these people are spending more on defeating things than it would have cost them to pay for the original millage. Now, what does that tell you? Do you think there is a hidden agenda here? Again, this has nothing to do with the library or anything else. It is all about total control!!!! Are these the type of people you want to control your tax dollars and tell you what you can and cannot have. I want leaders who show fiscal responsibility. The type that takes into consideration the whole picture and the future of the community. The type of leaders that know what a community is all about and actually participate in it.

    That reminds me, have you seen any of the TCU people at any of the community events or charitable affairs? I certainly haven't! I guess it doesn't serve their purpose.