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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Support those with courage to go after TCU!

TCU is now saying that all of the city council's efforts to hear the citizens above TCU jeering and heckling and threatening are fake.
TCU is lying.
TCU is freaking out because the PEOPLE OF TROY want to save the library without breaking the city.
TCU is wrong.
In their argument, they are the only citizens worthy of being heard.
TCU is wrong.
They say that any voice that comes up to disagree with them must be silenced.
TCU is anti-freedom of speech.

TCU is despicable.

Don't support them with silence. 
Tell your friends they doomed the library. 
Tell your friends they care more about money than about libraries or communities or children (just ask Janice). 
Tell them that TCU is destroying Troy.
Tell them before it's too late.
Save Troy...

And while I would love to believe what Howrylak says about saving the library, I know full well that his dad is a TCU leader and that Martin supports them and REFUSES to disavow any crooked thing they do. He is a Libertarian and cares far more about the tax rate than anything else, even though Troy tax rate is one of the lowest in the STATE.
Tell your friends.
Save Troy...

1 comment:

  1. I've had it. I'm so with you. Keep trying to keep Troy strong.

    Enough is enough.